Embarrassing Gym Issues: 10 Solutions For A Sweaty Crotch

Last week I kicked off a special series, Embarrassing Gym Issues Women Face.


Because what we feel is embarrassing is actually common.

We started off with the oh so common, yet still embarrassing issue of peeing when you exercise.

If you missed it, just click to catch up!

Because now we’re moving on to embarrassing gym issue #2:

The Sweaty Crotch


{Not even models are safe}

This is quite the perfect follow up to last week’s post.

It’s the issue where everyone thinks you’ve peed yourself but you haven’t.

It’s the “fake out”.

I can’t tell you how many times this embarrassing issue has happened to yours truly.

The Time An Entire Gym Thought I Wet Myself

It was about a year ago that the worst sweaty crotch experience happened, yet I remember it like it was yesterday.

I was logging in a 6 mile run on the treadmill.

Nothing out of place… or so I thought. (Queue the Jaws music!)

I hopped off to guzzle water at the fountain, and as I began walking to the other side of the gym (why can’t gyms put a water fountain next to the cardio?), I noticed several people staring at me.

I was smiling on the inside like, “Yeah, that’s right! That’s how you do it. Take note.”

Oh, misplaced pride.

After I took down what felt like a gallon of good ole h20, I went to stretch and to my horror realized what was going on.


My crotch had gotten so sweaty, it looked as if I had peed myself a dozen times, nearly half way down my thighs.

And what’s worse, I was on my way to teach a boot camp and had not thought to bring an extra pair of capris to change into.

So for the rest of the night, I made a joke out of it and told my awesome ladies to just disregard my pee-pants.

I didn’t learn my lesson. I still wear those same sweaty crotch capris from time to time.

Why Do Our Crotches Sweat?

Because our entire body sweats! Easy enough right?

But there is a bit more to the story.

Of course you know you sweat as a way to cool down.

But did you know the more “in shape” you get, the more you sweat?


That’s because your body becomes more efficient at cooling you down.

So if you used to not be a sweater and suddenly you find yourself leaving puddles on the floor, you can give yourself at pat on the back.

As for your groin… it’s a double sweater. Not ideal if you fear crotch sweat.

You see, your body produces two kinds of sweat

Eccrine: which regulates body temperature

Apocrine: which releases pheromones

The groin (and arm pits) contains glands that secrete both, making it a double sweater.

Not to mention that gravity pulls your sweat down your body. So naturally, it will collect in places like your groin area. Which is also an area of the body that has compressed fabric all over it with much less breathing room.

How To Handle Sweaty Crotch

Considering that I keep falling victim of the sweaty crotch on a weekly basis, I am going to have to say I love this particular approach to finding a solution:

Australian comedian Sammy J is spot on.

I sweat because I workout… hard.

Sure you could avoid the whole issue by wearing these…

Or by wearing black bottoms ALL THE TIME when you workout.

But don’t you like color, variety, and patterns?

I refuse to limit my workout options to black.

Yes, black is slimming and hides moisture,
but it’s BORING day after day… after day.

Let’s not forget I wear fitness clothes every day of my life.


So personally, I just opt to accept the sweaty pee crotch look for what it is… a reflection of my commitment to both fashion and fitness.

But I know that many of you aren’t as “free” to this look. And that’s cool.

Here’s what you can do instead…

  • Wear black.
  • Avoid tight fitting workout bottoms like spandex shorts and compression capris.
  • Workout in a really cold room.
  • Wear cotton panties which can help to absorb some of the moisture before it hits your workout attire.
  • Workout by yourself (if a tree falls in the woods but no one is around, does it make a sound?).
  • Wear Kotex crotch sweat panty liners (video above)
  • Powder up with something like Gold-Bond or baby powder.
  • Workout in front of a fan… directly in front.
  • Pour water over your entire lower body to make everything “match up”.
  • Don’t workout. Scared you’ll sweat too much, just avoid the whole ordeal all together.

Just an FYI – I am kidding on many of these, especially #10.

Please don’t avoid working out because you’re scared of sweat. In fact, start working out WITH ME (<– details on my 64 workout Body Burn Challenge)…

Then we can suffer sweaty crotch syndrome together.

I’m trying to make you smile today… humor me!

Bottom Line, Embrace it.


But honestly, the best way to handle the whole down there sweat dilemma is to either: Wear black or
Wear loose shorts that allow for circulation.

And of course if you really do feel as if you have a sweating issue, don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor.

So tell me…

Have you ever been embarrassed by your body’s reaction to exercise? Share your story!
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