Just the other day, I met a man and his girlfriend. Together they have lost almost 500 pounds!

He has lost about 350 pounds and she has lost 150 pounds. It’s astonishing… amazing… a great victory!

But talking with him about his early days of getting started, I realized more than ever the emotional state you’re in at any given time has a lot more to do with weight loss than even you may think. Being a trainer it’s so easy for me to just stop eating junk food.

Obviously it’s not easy otherwise it would be done. So I’m on this new quest to understand the emotional side of losing weight. Even more than just losing weight. The emotional side of keeping weight off, plus the emotional side of trying to get your body into what I’ll call… a peak physical condition.

You matter what your specific situation is, there are emotional conditions brought on by:

  • Social situations
  • Food when you’re alone
  • Driving to and from work that can affect food cravings
  • Plus so much more!

And all of these have their own emotional situations.

Here Are Some Lessons I’ve Learned So Far When It Comes To Controlling Emotions (I Hope This May Help You!)

1. Feeling Alone Is Devastating

I can remember back when I was 32 pounds overweight. I was just big enough that I hit a size where I pretty much refused to buy bigger clothes. It was horrible. I was in college at the time and I so badly wanted to dress up cute with my friends and go partying. (I typically didn’t dress cute, but still partied… emotional relief although temporary.)

During those times, I felt really alone. I felt like the only person who was going through that. I felt nobody could relate to me… nor did anybody really care to.

It’s an empty feeling. How many times have you felt something similar? Maybe worse?

It’s dangerous because it spurs one of the many weight loss Catch-22’s where you eat more because you feel horrible. It’s like the only way to get comfort is from food… even if immediately after you feel guilty about it.

UGH! It’s really really hard being stuck there.

2. Feeling Guilt Is Almost Unfair

I mentioned the guilt above. It’s almost unfair… almost because we bring it upon ourselves so it really can’t be that unfair (except when the media makes you feel guilty).

Emotions go crazy when you get relief from food or anything only to be struck with guilt. This was me when I was on my road to anorexia. I ate nothing, but my body ached for something… so I binged.

However, after a binge session (I didn’t throw up) – I would go extra strict on calorie restriction in the coming weeks. Almost like punishment for doing something that was actually needed at the time.

Guilt can be felt in so many ways, one that I want to isolate

3. Pusher People

Last one then we’ll talk about how you can possibly begin controlling these emotions. Pusher people can bring on guilt in a horrible way.

When was the last time you were at a party? Social gathering of any kind? And there were people telling you to eat something you know you shouldn’t eat. Even through your kind declines, they continue to push and say things like,

  • “Oh just have one, it won’t hurt.”
  • “Just try it, that’s all.”
  • “I worked really hard to make all this food and you’re not going to try it?”

If they could only understand how that produces unfair guilt which can lead to horrible things if you struggle with food.

How Can You Possibly Control This Emotional Explosion?

It’s tough. I won’t deny it one bit.

I am going to write a lot about this, plus I’m going to invite guests for interviews because I feel this could be one step to really helping women make a weight loss impact… and have a revelation.

Try this though…

Have a go to group of people that 100% support you.

This is something I want to create in my community (Fit Women’s Weekly). Essentially the plan would be this…

When you’re out and surrounded by anything that can tempt you to eat more… exercise less… skip something… whatever the case might be, you have somebody on Twitter, Facebook, through a chat feature where you can message and ask for strength.

Because there are multiple people in the group, you can get multiple responses at almost anytime. Each of these is like a jolt of confidence. A jolt of strength.

Don’t you think that could really help?

Especially if everybody was already part of a community where there were common goals and activities already going on.

I look forward to tackling this idea of the emotional side of fitness, weight loss, eating, even just plan success. Perhaps the missing piece to the puzzle is there.