This study could be life altering for a lot of people. I hope that at least it can really help to be a big motivation to lose weight and get in shape.

This is all about sleep and being tired throughout the day.

It’s really a huge problem that affects millions of people and it’s starting to affect more and more each day. Being tired during the middle of the day can really make it tough to get your work done… keep up with your kids… and just all around function. Not to mention it will typically lead to later nights as you try to stay caught up with everything you need to get done.

Some people are so tired during the day they are actually diagnosed with Excessive Daytime Sleepiness.

There were actually three studies done which looked into this. All of them were headed by Penn State and Alexandros Vgontzas, MD, the principal investigator. Each study found found that the two main causes for this chronic issue are obesity and depression. It’s mainly obesity since that is a huge factor which worsens depression.

What Happened In The Study?

In one of the studies, 222 adults who reported Excessive Daytime Sleepiness (EDS) where followed up with 7 and a half years later. For those that EDS was still a major problem, they either stayed the same weight or they gained weight. In all factors the weight was the one factor that paralleled the symptoms perfectly.

Of those that actually lost weight over the time period, their EDS significantly improved. Again reinforcing the relationship this has with the weight issues.

Some of these people actually developed EDS over this time period. After studying them, you can guess that weight gain and obesity in particular was the factor that caused the excessive tiredness.

What Are The Doctors Saying?

“The ‘epidemic’ of sleepiness parallels an ‘epidemic’ of obesity and psychosocial stress,” said Alexandros Vgontzas, MD, the principal investigator for the three studies. “Weight loss, depression and sleep disorders should be our priorities in terms of preventing the medical complications and public safety hazards associated with this excessive sleepiness.”

I find it really interesting that he used the terms… “epidemic of sleepiness.” Imagine what might happen to other parts of your life and sleep… like getting a better nights sleep.

Exercise is proven to help you sleep better. However, this has me thinking that maybe it’s not really the exercise but the fact of losing weight and getting in shape that helps sleep better.

What do you think?

What Does This Mean To You?

Obviously, if you are dealing with any type of tired issues and sleep issues, losing excess weight and getting into great shape can be big in your life.

One thing that I really want to point out again…

It’s not just the benefits of weight loss like looking better and fitting into smaller clothing. It’s the health benefits. The way you feel and the improvements in you life and across the board.

Exercise and eating better and thinking better about that are BIG. Bigger than you or I have ever thought about before.

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