Enroll In Boot Camp… Without Leaving The House

For those of you new to my blog or new getting to know me, I also own a women’s boot camp in Charleston, SC. I’ve worked really hard over the past year and a half to grow it to 5-locations, and I love each time I hear women tell me how much the enjoy the workouts and how they never understand how I can come up with so many different workouts.

Some women have been with me the entire time since I’ve opened doors and still say how amazed they are each time they learn new exercises (they often wonder if I stay up at night just thinking of ways I can make them sore)!

I wanted to bring that same experience to women not in Charleston… so Dan and I have worked hard to develop the: Body Fat Blasting Boot Camp!

This is an amazing 12-week boot camp style workout program. With weekly workouts that change, nutritional support and plans for the entire time and even support.

Watch This:

It doesn’t do much if you can’t stay committed, so every other week you get the opportunity to do a live call with me! You can ask me any questions that you have on your mind, talk about your progress or whatever else!

Can you tell I’m super proud? I am! Because I know that this program can help women looking for a program that not only burns fat but is fun and you don’t have to leave you house.

So what am I saying… Check it out! Just visit BodyFatBlastingBootCamp.com to find out more and see if it can help you!



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