Ep 101: Top Ways To Love Yourself & Dealing With Puffy Stress

Happy Valentine’s Day! Did you celebrate? Do you normally?

Dan is not a fan of this “Hallmark” holiday. Since he’s Mr. Anti-Valentine, I made Zoe my <3 and showed myself some love with enjoying a chocolate chip cookie and having an awesome speed workout.

It was marvelous.

And that very topic brings us into the podcast for the day. Self love… I’ve learned over the years that you can not completely be loved if you don’t love yourself. Why do we expect our partners to love us for better and worst, yet we don’t love ourselves when things get rough?

So let’s chat… about love, about stress, about workouts, and about life.

Oh, and I also decided from here on out to actually number the episodes for each. Imagine my surprise when I realized this was my 101st podcast! How cool, right?

To celebrate, make sure to share the podcast with a fitness lover in your life! XO.

What do you do to pamper yourself?

For me… after dinner, I sit on the couch for 5-10 minutes doing nothing, just thinking about the day or catching up on Instagram before heading off to read. I love these purely selfish minutes to myself!


  • alexander graf

    THX KB nurse Kindal 😉 for your “KB for Dummies” info. I swing quite orderly but what do I’ve to follow by lateral swingin’, that ya did last with your wifey Alex? Is there any difference between one hand swing and two hand swing? And what’s with rotanional ski swing?

    I also snatch hell for leather. BUT is there any different if ya hold the KB vertical or horizontal? What is better or correct?

    What I’ve been asking myself: when Alex and y’re Kettlebellistas, so what are Dan and me? Any suggestions? AND Dan: y’re not allone, men hold together!!

    • Of course! I’m glad it was helpful. The lateral swing does have more of a “squat” to it than the standard hip-hinge. Just make sure to keep the kettlebell to the outside of the foot and in front of the legs (hitting your knee is no fun… done it). As for snatch… you can do either, but for some the rotation of it going perpendicular in the back swing feels more comfortable… with the thumb leading and going straight back. This might help: http://www.liftingrevolution.com/how-to-do-a-painless-kettlebell-snatch/

      Haha, you and dan… “Fit Bros” lol

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