Ep 105: Can Adults Start Gymnastics? Crystal Hatch Shares Tips, Tricks & Even Handstand Cues

You guys! I have been stoked about this podcast for MONTHS.

When I first began adding gymnastics (I use that term loosely) in my training, I received several requests on Instagram for handstand tips, parallette tips, and more.

But here’s the thing. I’m still learning these skills myself and am in NO WAY capable of coaching those tips through a blog post or IG video.

Is it just me or is gymnastics suddenly blowing up in the fitness world?

I love seeing more calisthenic style workouts (bodyweight) and love trying new things myself.

What I love even more? Realizing how hard moving/holding your own body can be. Bodyweight workouts go far beyond squats, pushups and burpees!

Gymnastics is amazing due to the fact it requires zero equipment but is hard AF. If you think you have to use weights to improve your strength… check out @gymnasticbodies and try any of those moves. It’s humbling!

So back to this podcast, and speaking of Gymnastic Bodies…

I wanted to talk handstands, splits and cartwheels with an expert. Dan and I learned about GymnasticBodies from Tim Ferriss over a year ago and have loved learning from them. So I researched and found this woman…

Crystal Hatch at Awaken Gymnastics (and affiliated with GB). This woman is amazing. Kind, passionate, and knowledgable, she’ll definitely sell you on at least trying a handstand.

In this podcast…

> The benefits of gymnastics for adults. Whether you’re an athlete or a woman just trying to stay fit for a healthy life, gymnastics can improve your strength, range of motion, imbalances and more.

> Forget height. Think that because you’re tall, you can’t do anything “gymnasticky”? Think again. You’re not trying to go to the Olympics, you’re trying to have fun, stay fit and be badass. Those things can happen whether you are 4’11 or 6′ tall.

> Tips on mastering handstands. Of course I had to ask! Crystal shares some great cues, exercises and tips to help improve handstand balance. Basically… practice your ass off (but there are a lot of other golden nuggets too).

> How can you get started? Don’t have a lick of experience? That’s cool. Find out how you can start from ground zero.

Want to learn more and connect with Crystal?






GymnasticBodies.com <- If you are not in Denver, head here. Dan and I started with their Fundamentals Program and think it’s a great place to start.

Final Request: 

I have a huge favor! If you love the podcast, make sure to head over to iTunes to leave a review and subscribe. I would really appreciate it and I enjoy reading your feedback! I read every single one 🙂

Have an amazing day and leave some love for Crystal… In fact, answer me this:

When was the last time you did a cartwheel or handstand?


  • alexander graf

    When watchin’ actual program schedule of my base I remind you. I’ve a suggestion of further programs you can offer new client groups. It’s called “fit with baby” and is a workout design of mums, their babys and needed baby equipment. So they can strengthen phyically as mentally everything they need in the following months and also compare notes.

    • Thanks for tossing ideas our way! We actually have a mommy and me class currently at our studio and if/when i have a baby we’ll definitely make something online too! Congrats on finishing the challenge! any improvement is a plus in my book!

  • Jr

    Fun listen! Apologize in advance if this comment is bereft of coherent thought. I have lots to express and not much time.

    I didn’t know you did gymnastics for so long! I did it from second grade (like once a week, so hardcore) to fourth grade, and then took another six month class when I was 13 (when I last tumbled until 18 years later, a few weeks ago). It was really encouraging to hear your guest say that handstands took a few months because I’ve only been working on them a few weeks and was feeling discouraged. I am realizing more and more the incredible imbalances in my body from my wrist injury. For example, I can do 14 strict pull ups, but a single push up is painful, meaning that my chest is weaaaak. Additionally, my shoulder mobility is crap from having semi-muscular lats and so forth. So, for my last two work outs, I’ve been doing skin the cats as far down as I can go to try to work shoulder mobility a bit (doesn’t hurt that it’s killer for the abs, too). I’m familiar with Awaken from stalking its Instagram, but have never attended. I would like to, but I keep thinking to myself I should wait until I’m stronger and my bodyweight is more amenable to gymnastics. On the other hand, if a friend told me she wanted to wait until she was leaner, I’d probably roll my eyes and tell her to just go, sooooo. Final thought: As an adult who trains almost exclusively alone, it is so hard to know the difference between pushing and over doing it.

    Final final thought: last time I did a cartwheel was February 27th, 2017.

    • I am actually a little embarrassed to tell people how many years I did gymnastics/tumbling lol because you would think I would be able to still do things today. Basically, my carthweels and roundoffs still are awesome but other than that… my skills have disappeared thanks to my back and a lot of fear. I want to try an arial bad… but mentally not there. lol.

      Sorry to hear that wrist is giving you problems still. Ugh! But you’re doing awesome and training the best you can. It’s funny you mentioned skin the cats, I had my class to them just this week and it was so fun to watch them try. I love those!

      And yes… get your butt into Awaken. If i had it here, I would have been there months ago. Who cares about where you are right now, I am sure they can help you improve even faster and get past those imbalances. Or check out GymnasticBodies and start with one of their courses before?

  • Jr

    Also, a question. Do you have a weighted vest recommendation? The one I use is a men’s version and it scrapes my armpits from being too wide. I’ve seen some women’s versions, but some are just 10-20 pounds (and disproportionately expensive for their low weight).

    Oh, oh, another question: are you still climbing?! How is that going?! Thanks, Kindal!

    • Sounds like we have the same vest, so sadly no recommendation from me. I dont like mine. Its crazy hot, way too big and is super awkward when I try to do more dynamic moves.

      Climbing? No, we were really sad to have to put our account on hold for a while due to some business/persona stuff going on. Hoping to get back to it after Dan runs the Quest To The Crest 50K this summer! Fingers crossed, we’ve missed it!

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