Ep 108: Training Gracefully With Age With Kettlebell Junkie Kelly Manzone

Keeping with last week’s update… as of today, I’m up to over 1,120 pull-ups since the 1st day of Lent (March 1st).

Not too much longer to go! It’s not too late to jump in with our Lent Promise if you want to partake in the fun!

But let’s talk this week.

Before I get to the podcast (which is a must listen to)… I gotta fill you in on what went down. This past Thursday, the final workout of the Crossfit Open was announced. That morning I had predicted to Alex that it would include thrusters and double unders.

I should have put money on that one! Ha! Here’s the thing, I wasn’t happy. I SUCK at double unders. Mainly because I never do them. So Friday, I set time aside to work on them. And they destroyed me. You can see my sad attempts here.

Luckily, Jessica sent me some tips and once I hit the go button on Monday… it was on. Suddenly they clicked! I finished the workout rx’d in 17.18 and had the BIGGEST exercise high ever. Pretty sweet feeling.

Adios Open. See ya next year.

Okay so back to the podcast: 

A few months ago, I stubbled upon Kelly Manzone’s Insta page and immediately wanted to be her friend. Lol. Her energy, strength, passion for fitness… it was evident.

And she looked super nice too. So I reached out, we’ve connected and now we’re podcasting together. Thank goodness for social media and it’s ability to bring people together from so far away!


After lots of back and forth, we made it happen. Grab your headphones and prepare to love this episode!

We all fitness and aging…
Kettlebells… competition vs hard style training…
The Arnold (she was at the Arnold)…
And more!

So much information in one episode. Enjoy!

Ep 108: Kelly Manzone Shares Fitness, Kettlebells & Lifestyle

Did I mention she has more kettlebells in her house than a typical gym has in the entire building? Yay. That’s badass.

Oh… and she is currently hosting a kettlebell challenge! Head to this Instagram video to get the details. One lucky woman will get a free kettlebell.

Yup, better believe I’m doing it too!

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