Ep 110: Ashley Drummonds Shares How To Make A Business Dream A Reality


TGIF, Happy Good Friday to you. I’ve missed you all, but have been busy over at Fit Womens Weekly (have you checked it out yet?).

A quick game of catch up before I share this awesome podcast with you.

My birthday was fantastic last week. 33 may not be so bad after all. Dan and I scooted out of town last weekend for some trail training. Of course, no weekend in the South Carolina mountains is complete without a trip to see Brittany at my favorite Vineyard… Victoria Valley.

Great to catch up while sipping wine and soaking up the scenery.

The rest of the weekend was spent doing one thing… trail running! Dan and I conquered over 20 miles of some intense trails that included a few pretty gnarly climbs and descents.

I felt great for most of the run, aside from a stupid shin splint pestering me and the final stretch that seemed to NEVER end.

But we made it and celebrated with dinner and a movie back at our cabin with Zoe. But we were definitely feeling it for several days post run. It was tough but what Dan needed for his Quest training.

And that’s really it! This weekend is dedicated to work and Easter with my family. I hope you have a great weekend planned. If you find yourself sitting in the car or hanging out solo, I’ve got something for you… a new podcast!

Ep 110: Ashley Drummonds Shares How To Make A Business Dream A Reality

This is a special podcast episode. You see, I’ve never done an episode on being an entrepreneur… what it takes, how to get started, how to balance work with life, and how to discover your passion.

But when I recently reached out to Ashley Drummonds regarding Abs Protein Pancakes, I wanted to talk with her more and pick her brain. Luckily, she was game and this gem was born.

Ashley shares her story of being a full time personal trainer to being a full time CEO/Founder of a pancake company! It’s awesome and inspiring.

Find out what urged her to follow her “big idea”

Tips on growing social media

What’s the 1 thing you need in order to be successful? 

Our top book suggestions for learning, being motivated and more!

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