Ep. 111: Tina Muir Retires From Running & Opens Up About Not Having A Period For Almost A Decade


TGIF! How was your week? Am I the only one that waited until the 18th to put taxes in the mail? What can I say, I tried to hold on to our $$ as long as possible!

A quick game of catch up before I share this awesome podcast with you.

I’ve been sharing a ton of awesome workouts and moves over on Instagram lately and having so much fun learning new exercises and getting inspiration from others.


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One of my favorites right now is EstradaFlys. Jessica has some awesome gymnastic flows and handstand drills. Mine aren’t quite as pretty as her flows, but I’m not afraid to be a work in progress.


Last weekend Dan and I were driving around and found some amazing wall art behind a few buildings. Of course we had to stop and take a few pictures. There are some really talented people out there in this world!

I shared the above picture with the quote “Throw me to the wolves and I return the leader”. I love this quote and it might be my new mantra. A few people asked for the source, sadly I don’t know. It wasn’t listed so if you know, please fill me in!

And last random fun fact… tonight Alex and her fiancé, Hamilton, are coming to dinner! Which means I have got to get planning. Those two are the biggest foodies and definitely don’t want to disappoint.

I’m thinking my newest burger recipe on a brioche bun? <– Alex… Yea?


Ep. 111: Tina Muir Retires From Running & Opens Up About Not Having A Period For Almost A Decade


Today’s podcast is both personal and relatable. My guest is my friend, Tina Muir. Up until earlier this month, Tina has been a professional runner. Then she woke up, went for a run and realized enough was enough. It was time for a break, time for a family and time for her to focus on her health to make that happen.

Being an athlete is tough!

Lots of training, lots of stress, and lots of rewards and sacrifices.

One of those sacrifices? Tina hasn’t had a period in years due to intense training.

But guess what… neither have I. Never one to shy away from sharing my life and being real… I asked her to come and talk about her story. You guys are going to LOVE this podcast and I think more people that I realize will relate.

If you do, let me know. <3 

Website: TinaMuir.com

Instagram: @TinaMuir88

Awesome Resource: No Period Now What? <– A GREAT resource for anyone going through what we are.

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