Exercises For Outdoor Workouts To Improve Happiness

Yes, it’s getting cold outside. Yes, the days are getting shorter and the nights longer. Yes, extra layers of clothes are required.

But… it’s good for you to deal with the cold.

Did you know that being outside:

  • Can make you be happier. Natural light elevates people’s moods, helping to increase serotonin levels! If you are not in your “happy zone” right now, get up and go outside, even if it’s just a walk to the end of the road.
  • Can make you concentration better. Studies have shown that people with ADHD focus better after being outdoors. Perhaps it’s getting into a happier, more relaxed zone that does the trick?
  • Can help you to heal faster. I found this really interesting. In a study, people recovering from surgery had less pain, took fewer pain pills and were less stressed when exposed to natural light. Food for thought.
  • Can help your vision. Being outside helps to improve distance vision and decrease risk of nearsightedness.

With winter blues coming our way, it’s important to do what you can to stay in high spirits. Perhaps walking away from the gym and out into the fresh air is just what the doctor ordered?

For many of us our gym time is the only “free” time we claim to have. So suggesting a walk outside after a workout isn’t really all that feasible. However, what about taking your workout outside in the first place?

Then you knock out 2 birds with one stone, right?

This is exactly what Dan and I’ve been doing for the past 4+ months and we’re loving it. Sometimes we grab a few kettlebells and do a weighted workout…


Last week, we did a workout with out new steel clubs!

Other times we come up with a completely bodyweight workout that we can do together that kicks our butts equally as much as if we had the weights with us.


A little plyo for this day!

When the workout is done, not only do we feel great for doing the workout, we feel great for being able to get some fresh air.

Gym air sucks, dark dungeons just aren’t my thing, especially when the sunlight is limited.

Yes, it might mean putting on another layer of clothes but once you get going, you’ll love it.

Time to get creative!

When you move a workout from indoors to out, of course things change. You don’t have the same gear and you have a heck of a lot more space.

So use what you have! Get creative with your exercises, and like always plan it out before you go!

Here are a few ideas of what you can the next time you find yourself sweating it out in the yard or park!

Outside Exercises That Are A Fresh Of Breath Air

I know that people often think “ugh, working out…” but it can be fun! You have to make it fun! Which is why it is so important to play around, don’t just get into the gym and do the same boring workout you’ve been doing, or follow the workout plan that your best friend has been doing.

Do something that works for you! I personally think that working out should be called “playtime” because that’s what it was when we were kids.

We never dreaded running around and getting sweaty!

Here are those moves one more time for you to try out… but don’t limit yourself to these, really get out there and see what workout you can do!


I would love to know about it!

Share your current workout here, or perhaps a fun new exercise idea for outside playtime? 

Happy Monday, time to go play!



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