February’s Challenge: Let’s Split Challenge

It’s the big day… the day to sign up for this months challenge that will kick off tomorrow (Monday)!

Remember that if you completed January’s Challenge to let me know in the comments of Friday’s post. I’ll announce a winner tomorrow!

I know you’re shaking in your seat right now, right? Or is that just me because I am so excited!?

This months challenge is…

The Let’s Split Challenge


By far, more people requested a push-up challenge than anything else, however, since we just did push-ups last month I think we need some time to recover.

So here’s what I challenge you with:

Week 1: 100 lunges each day

Week 2:Β A TOTAL of 400 push-ups throughout the week (divided up however you want)

Week 3:Β 100 lunge jumps each day

Week 4: 50:50 Split Challenge – Β of 50 push-ups and 50 lunges every day

That’s correct, we will be doing an upper body/lower body split for the month. This way we’ll work out ENTIRE bodies. Each Sunday, I’ll post a reminder of the challenge for the week ahead so it’s okay if you don’t bookmark this specific page. Just make sure to be a regular reader πŸ™‚

Week 1: 100 Lunges Per Day

Let’s quickly go over the challenge for this week. It’s 100 TOTAL lunges, so 50/leg.

You have the choice to do either:

A. Walking Lunges

B. Reverse Standing Lunges

Why the choice? Reverse lunges are a bit more gentle on the knees and are better if you have limited spacing to do your exercises.

You decide… what works best for you?

And yes, you can go between the two if you would prefer. I.e. Monday walking, Tuesday reverse… etc.

Why Would You Want To Sign Up?

The real question is, why wouldn’t you?

Not only are you pushing yourself to start something and see it through, but having a mini fitness challenge helps spice things up and adds just a splash of extra intensity to your current workout program.

Oh, and did I mention there will be a new prize package for February? I am in the works of talking with some really great brands to get some killer prizes! But you’ll only be in the pot to win if you partake from the start to the end.

How To Sign Up?

It’s easy really… just register below. All it takes is your email.


I ask for that so that I can help keep you accountable throughout the month and also provide some tips and variations to help keep things fresh. 100 lunges might get boring if you do them the same way every time.

So, are you with me?Β 

Go ahead and register, and let’s get the month of love going with our lunges!


  • Sarah Osterman

    I am in Kindal.

  • Can’t wait to get started! This is going to be a fun month, I can tell!

  • Lisa

    I have been reading your blog for awhile now and am really excited to be able to start one of your challenges from the beginning! I seem to always miss the start of them. You really put out such great information, I look forward to reading your tips and tricks as often as I can! Thanks!

  • Sharon

    Count me in!

  • valerie P

    oh yeah I am in! WHOOOOA cant wait to get started!!!

  • Tracy

    Bring it on!

  • Kim

    I’m in!

  • Love this challenge, mainly b/c I HATE lunges! lol…But it’s good b/c it forces me to do them. πŸ˜‰ I won’t be joining though – I think I already have worked my chest too much and have been trying to stretch to loosen it up and work my back a bit more. If you do a back (pull ups, modified body rows, inverted rows) challenge I’m in! Love how you provide these for people, Kindal!

    • Thanks friend! I am with you, I am trying to hit up the pull-ups hard this month! Perhaps a March Pull-Up challenge!?

  • Ok ok I’m in on this one.

  • Am joining this month ! Yeah !

  • gosh darn i love your challenges!

  • Kim

    I’m in and I’m super happy that we have a week off before we do more push-ups!!!

    • Me too Kim! When I asked what we should do and I kept seeing push-ups… trust me I made some not so cute faces! lol

  • Leanne

    Love this, I’m in on this one too. I’ve been thinking about adding strength training moves to my fitness regime for a while, but I couldn’t decide moves to do, so this challenge is perfect. I can’t wait to get started!

  • Brandy traver

    Can’t wait get started..

  • Sally

    I’m in this month!

  • Cherie Wash

    I can’t believe that I M typing this, but I am in!

  • Robin

    I’m in! And I love your new haircut, it looks super good on you:)

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  • Leslie

    I’m in!

  • Angela W

    Alright, alright I’m in!!!! Here goes everything πŸ˜‰

  • Angie

    I’m in!

  • Karen

    I’m in…will have to catch up!

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  • Ginny

    I’m in – but need to catch up!!!

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  • Ginny

    Week of 2/9/14…….
    400 push ups = DONE!
    1/2 Marathon = DONE!
    Today is rest day 2/16/14……tomorrow – READY FOR THE 100 LUNGE JUMPS/day!
    Taylor, will you be putting up a video on those to ensure correct form?
    Thanks for all your motivation!
    Ginny πŸ™‚

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  • valerie

    these jump lunges are kicking my butt. And i am all stuffy so they are hard to do. But man what a challenge.

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