Fit Woman Entrepreneur: What Do I Do All Day? (And why the blog has changed)

You may have noticed that Lifting Revolution has become more relaxed over the past few months.

It isn’t that I don’t love sharing fitness tips, training help, nutrition advice and more here, it’s just that life has expanded. This blog has become more of a personal journal, while other places are focused more on training and the “business” side of things.

I have mentioned that in the past, but haven’t really elaborated. I think today is the perfect day to expand and share with you what it is I do all day that takes up so much time.

Just last week, a client saw me working away and asked, “What do you do all day? You’re always working!”

This isn’t one of those hour by hour breakdowns that are so popular amongst some bloggers. I don’t think you really care what I do at 10am versus 1pm…

Instead, let’s think of this as if I were going to career day at school. 🙂

The Super Quick Breakdown

What I am: A entrepreneur, personal trainer and lifestyle coach!

Who I work for: Myself

My Businesses: Fit Women’s Weekly & This Time Fitness

Fit Womens Weekly

Love the workouts I’ve shared here and on Instagram? Then you’ll really love FWW. This is my online training world that Dan and I have been busy building for quite some time.

Over the past 6 months, we’ve released 2 major training programs:

Body Burn: 10-12 week program that includes 64 fully filmed workouts, training plans, fit quickie challenges and more. These workouts are short, but tough!

They’re great for body weight training (the body weight version will kick your tush) but I also show how to up the intensity by adding weights.

Strong: 8-10 week program with 34 fully filmed KETTLEBELL workouts! Holy yes! I am proud of both programs, but you know how much I love kettlebells. There is even a kettlebell clinic program included to help break bad habits, clear up what form should really look like, and teach the fundamentals.

So that’s 98 workouts… that we have filmed. Then Dan has worked his butt off editing and building them all.

Oh, and then there is the nutrition side of things!

I’m constantly creating recipes (and taste testing) for new projects and ideas. We’ve been working on something for quite a while and I can’t wait for it to be finalized!

On a daily basis, we’re connecting with members and working to build the brand with awesome blog posts, authentic photographs, and social media.

If you miss my more “informational” style of posts, check out the blog over there! So much great stuff!

Dan and I are also designing a new program and will get back to filming workouts THIS week (I’m actually designing workouts as soon as I finish this).

So yea.. time consuming.

Oh, and I also have the Fit Women’s Weekly Podcast. This doesn’t take a ton of time, but it’s something I love and want to make sure I bring you guys relevant and fun information.

This Time Fitness

Then, there is This Time Fitness. Our local women’s fitness business. Dan and I currently have 2 studios and 3 satellite boot camps in the Charleston area. I LOVE it… well, most of it. Lol.

Having a brick and mortar is definitely stressful, but the payoff is awesome. Working with women on a daily basis helps us tremendously when it comes to building our online business and vice versa. And it fuels my passion for teaching others…

These women have become more than clients, they are family. So many friendships have developed from this business (umm… Jeanette & Alex to name the obvious)!

You guys have seen pictures of our studios, but I haven’t ever actually talked about them (weird?). We offer so many awesome opportunities… kettlebells, traditional boot camps (Body Burn), weight lifting, suspension training, and even yoga classes!

Today kicks off our annual 8-week new year challenge!

So… I’ve been working to get it planned and organized for the ladies and for our trainers.

I love working with my husband, but having a few hours of “girl time” every single day… it’s wonderful! Poor Dan is surrounded by women at all times. But he’s amazing with his ladies!

Of course, studios means work.

While Dan does most of the behind the scenes stuff of FWW, I’m in charge of TTF. Customer service, emails, events, memberships, sales, social media… that’s mostly me (he does all the website design, always a huge project).

Oh and retreats!

I LOVE retreats. Twice a year, I take 10-12 women up to the mountains for a weekend of adventures. It’s the best. We just planned our next one.


Oh yea, then we have a life.

Dan and I work hard so that we can also enjoy living this life we’ve been given. It’s often hard to separate life from work, but that’s only because we both love what we do!

By time I get home at night, I cook dinner, catch up (we work together in the mornings and then I head to one of our studios for the 2nd half of the day), then it’s bed time.

So that’s me in a nutshell.

And why this blog has changed over the past 6 months! I don’t know why I wanted to get that off my chest, but feels good. And I hope it gives a glimpse into our crazy life! This blog is out outlet, a special part of me where I can vent, breath, laugh and not worry about social media love/hate.

It’s needed.

So tell me…

What do you do?


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