Fitness Challenge Monday

by TaylorR

Just Call Me The Push-Up Queen!

Over the past 3 weeks Dan and I have been setting goals to get in some extra workouts during the day. It’s been pull-ups on our pull-up bar and now it’s time for a change.

For example… the first week we started this it was just to do 5 pull-ups each time we went into the bedroom. But then we got too efficient at multi-tasking so we wouldn’t have to go in very often.

The second week I had to do 50 pull-ups a day, and Dan had 100…

Then last week I had to do 100, and Dan was up to 150… go us!

These little challenges are really fun and since we do them in our house, we keep each other accountable… it’s quite an event if one of us doesn’t finish by time we walk into the bedroom to get ready for bed! Basically we nag each other until there is no choice but to finish! See, fun!?

But now it’s time for a new exercise so we choose push-ups. This week my assignment is to pump out 150 push-up per day, with at least one set getting to 40. Dan’s is 200! I have to say that at the time I’m typing this I’ve already done 50… Team Dan is at 0.

Dan "The Push-Up" Man

Bring a challenge into your own house! Which exercise would you do every day for a week or two?


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