If you are just getting in to fitness or maybe you know that you need to change you routines because the ones you’re getting are not producing results.

So you’ve started your search, but that might just be your first mistake. It’s vitally important to that you know how your body works and the different types of training that work together to produce some amazing results.

Especially for women because our bodies are so different than mens… we’re told that we need to train different. That really isn’t the case. Don’t get me wrong. You don’t want to train like a bodybuilder… but you don’t want to avoid the weights.

Let’s take a look at the different aspects of fitness routines so you know what to make sure the eventual one you choose has it.

1. Weight training

This is vital for women. Here’s a simple fact that you must understand. Building lean muscle mass is the only way for your body to burn calories (besides the natural burn from your body staying alive). Without muscle you will simply get fat no matter how much running you do.

So weight training is absolutely necessary. You don’t have to worry about getting big because you don’t have the levels of testosterone that men have. But you will build nice… lean… sexy… muscle mass that revs up you metabolism and literally eats your body fat.

2. Circuit Training

Circuit training is a fast paced cardiovascular workout mixed with some muscle building moves too. This is so important becasue this really gets your fat burning engine revved up.

You will usually do 4 to 7 exercises back to back or with short rest and you do that circuit around 3 or more times. I hope that little ddescription shows you just how intense circuit training is.

3. Fitness Routines Need To Change Often

This is often overlooked by many woman who get started in the gym or working out at home. You need to change your routines very often.

The reason for this is your body is highly adaptive. No matter what you give it, it will adapt and become very efficient at doing that task. So if you do the same workout over and over… it will become less and less effective.

The minimum timelimit for a change is four weeks. So you can tell that you need to have many workouts in your backpocket. If you do this right… you can almost entirely avoid ever hitting a plateau.

These are only three things you need to be aware of when choosing the right fitness routines. But these three aspects are very important. So next time you are on the look for a new program, keep these in mind and if the routine you’re looking at has at least these three aspects… you are on the road to great results.