Fitness is what I do for a living and something I thoroughly enjoy. Workouts are more than a mechanism to lose weight.

For me they are how I deal with stress, a way to feel strong and confident, and my way of showing appreciation to my body. I once heard someone say that you can’t feel healthy without being healthy. That’s fitness.

While my fitness routines are based 75% on strength training, I also turn to running and circuits for a balanced program. I like challenging my body with different modes of exercise which is why over the years I have:

Here at Lifting Revolution, I am constantly sharing fitness tips, workouts, and guidance that you can use in your own life. Below are the most popular posts and the ones I think are most beneficial for you.

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This is an ever growing list of article’s both Dan and I write. They are to help you clear up misconceptions, teach you the tricks that work, and really help you get on the shortest path to a fun and healthy lifestyle. I want your recommendations if you would like to make suggestions… just contact me today and I’ll make sure we add more and more to this list.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

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