(Article from Dan, Taylor’s husband, trainer, and business partner)

So I get to train with dozens of dozens of women in our boot camp business. I learn a lot about what women think of when it comes to weight loss. Obviously it’s a big issue for 99% of women and it should be. The benefits are insane and most of all it protects you for the long run to be there for your family.

But if there is one thing I always talk about, it’s to ignore weight or to not really have a weight loss goal. Here’s what I mean

I was talking with one of our clients who has more weight than normal to lose. She’s amazing. She gives each workout everything she has and it a real inspiration to see that toughness.

So I was walking back to the car with her one day talking about goals and weight loss. I asked does she have an immediate goal she’s trying to hit. I love to have one single goal (not weight loss to focus on) for my clients. I typically ask about weight first because that can help direct and refine the goal.

She told me she doesn’t like to look at weight because it just makes her more depressed. I smiled because that’s a good outlook, constant weight checks can be very depressing for everybody. So I then mentioned inches and that didn’t really resonate with her either.

But then I mentioned clothing size.

She immediately perked up and told me she would love to get back to a size 10 (my personal goal with her is a size 8). But that ignited some passion for an outcome. That’s step 1. That’s something to focus on.

Can Focusing On Size Be A Great Way To Stay Motivated And Happier During Weight Loss?

I think size rather than the number on the scale can be a very healthy change and make it a lot more likely you’ll follow through with your performance goals (make sure you read about those if you have not).

Here’s the typical situation:

Most women weigh themselves every morning. That dreaded number brings stress, maybe frustration, maybe victory and a great feeling of success. It’s like being bipolar everyday… you never know what’s going to happen (or Forrest Gump maybe).

Here’s what focusing on size might be able to do:

Now go out and buy a pair of jeans, bikini bottoms, skirt, or shorts that you really want. Make sure they are at your first goal size. Don’t buy them 4 sizes too small… but 1 to 2 sizes should work well.

Then have them on a hook or somewhere where you can see them daily. Try them on every week and see if they are beginning to fit. Here’s where this is a different process…

You know from the start they are not going to fit for a little bit. So it’s going to be no surprise and you should not feel depressed like when you see you’ve put on 3 to 5 pounds. It should be even more motivating. If they don’t fit, hopefully you can keep that desire for them to fit and you’ll stay consistent with your plan.

Soon enough, 4 weeks or maybe 7 to 8 weeks, you’ll try them on and all of a sudden they’ll go over your hips. They may be tight, but they’re on.

How exciting would that be?

You know it’s working. You might just go out and by something else that is another 2 sizes smaller.

This Plan Also Works In Reverse

What I like about this method of “status checking” is it goes in reverse too. If you’ve stopped exercising and eating well for whatever reason, you’ll notice that your new piece of clothing is starting not to fit. That can be a mental kick in the butt to get back in action.

It’s a reminder both ways and it keeps numbers out of your head. Plus sizes don’t fluctuate rapidly or with such room for error like your weight does.

It’s about size, not weight. It easier measurable with little room for error. Sure you can be bloated and that will make a difference, but that lasts maybe a day at most.

Does that sound good? Does that get you more excited?

What is your stage 1 size? What are you going to go out and shop for as the goal piece of clothing?

Get excited because the warm weather is coming and now is when you push hard to hit those initial goals. You can do it and I know the client I was talking to will too!