Forget Running… She Can Do It For The Both Of Us!

I love to run, I just don’t do it often for a couple of reasons:

  • It’s hot outside
  • My herniated disk in my back gets inflamed from running
  • If I get to choose how I workout, it’s not my favorite… I would much rather do high intensity intervals or lift weights

But that’s just me!

But my friend Jeanette on the other hand is an amazing runner… she is a marathoner and a true inspiration! I am super proud of how she is able to push her body and accomplish these crazy running goals that she sets for herself.

Me and Jeanette... Rugged Maniac Race 2011

She has always supported me with my fitness training and competitions and I have always supporting her passion for running! And that passion has gone one step further…

She is now officially a certified running coach. If you’re looking for a tailed running program whether it’s to complete a 5K, a 1/2 Marathon or to really go out there and do a full then she can help you.

You can find out more on Jeanette and her running programs at: Fit LowCountry

I am a bit nervous because I am going to one of her open runs this weekend! I told her if I have to ball up on the side of the road to just leave me in peace.

I promised Dan that should my back start to bother me I would take full responsibility and not complain… I’m digging my own grave!

Our training styles are completely different which I love! Training for a running event is nothing like training for a Strong Women’s Competition which is why we can support each other so much.



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