Friday Fun: 25 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

I’ve seen this list popping up on several of my fellow blogger’s sites and decided it would be a fun change up for a Friday post!

I know that it was an outlined post with specific ideas for each fact, but I’m breaking the rules and sharing a few things with you that I think are kind of interesting.

While you know most about my fitness life, journey, and thoughts… there is clearly more to me than just working out.

And when I asked you guys months ago what you wanted to see more of on the blog, many of you said you wanted to hear more about me and my family. So, for stuff and giggles, let’s do this.

25 Things You Probable Didn’t Know About Me


  1. I am afraid of cats, I feel like they can see inside your soul. I love mine, but am standoffish with other’s.
  2. I met my husband through my ex-boyfriend, don’t worry we were already ex’s at the time.
  3. I took my MCATS 3 times before I realized med school just wasn’t in my cards. That test sucks.
  4. I can’t paint my nails without them chipping within 5 minutes. It’s just another sign I’m a terrible girl.
  5. I love peacocks so much, they were the theme for my wedding.
  6. I love bananas but hate banana flavored things. Gross.
  7. I was born and raised in Charleston, yet I’ve been told my accent doesn’t sound like it. Apparently I can sound a bit more “Southern” than my other local friends. Not sure if this is a compliment or not.
  8. My first car was a Jeep Renegade which I got for my 16th birthday. It was awesome, until someone broke into it and my parents sold it and I got a Chevy Cavalier.
  9. In high school, I took up spring board diving to stay active since tumbling on the ground hurt my back too much. I had a blast and loved it… until my coach was fired and there was no place to train.
  10. I used to be a match maker… I successfully hooked my by brother and his wife (Julie and I worked together) and my college roommate and her husband!
  11. I was secretary of my sorority, Chi Omega.


  12. I’ve broken the following bones: several fingers, my nose 2x, wrist, and two stress fractures.
  13. Dan and I aren’t trying for kiddos, but we’ve been fighting over names for years. It’s a running joke in our house and among our friends.
  14. My first job was lifeguarding, I did it for 6 summers!
  15. I’ve always wanted to go to Spain.
  16. Speaking of Spain, I was 3 hours away from having a minor in both Spanish and Chemistry. I really didn’t want to take bio chem and after so many years of Spanish I was kind of over it at that point.
  17. Oh and no, I can’t speak Spanish… at all. 7 years of studying and I can say Me gusta la playa!
  18. When I was a kid, my mom would stop and get us a YooHoo on our way home from the beach (which was most weekends). Yoohoos were the best!
  19. I’ve never colored my hair.
  20. Dan and I are obsessed with the X-files on NetFlix. Our goal is to get through all 9 seasons by 2015… we started season 6 Wednesday!
  21. I’ll pretty much try anything when it comes to food… a century egg? Why not?


  22. Once when my brother climbed out of his window onto the roof to get our cat (meanest cat ever), I closed it as soon as he put the cat inside and locked him out. He had to climb over the house and jump McGiver his way down… it was both the most hilarious prank and scariest (didn’t want to see him when he got back inside).
  23. On my wedding day, I may have had a few too many glasses of champagne and slipped down the stairs of our reception room while leaving. I blamed it on Dan, saying he stepped on my dress, which worked but totally wasn’t true.
  24. The toilet paper roll is my pet peeve, I hate the flap in the back. It bothers me more than it should.
  25. I was the first person in my family to graduate from college. I graduated with Honors!
Your turn… share 3 things with me!


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