Friendly Friday: Sore Today Strong Tomorrow Workout

I got the best workout top when I was in Utah.

I know it might sound silly, but every time my workout got really tough the other day, I would look down at my shirt, smile, and push ahead.

Pushing outside of our comfort zones (beyond the burn and pounding heart) is the only way to get stronger.

Well, I made sure that happened! Dan kicked my butt with this kettlebell workout:

strong today kettlebell workout

There was very little rest, and at the end we were drenched… drenched in sweat.

For the squats above, we did half of the reps with the KB on one side, and the other half on the other.

Except for the final round, we did uneven squats! A heavier weight in one arm, and a lighter in the other (I had a 20lb and a 35lb). My eyes were filling with tears, so hard but so great!

I’m not the only one that is working it hard with weights.

Friendly Friday: Strong Is Sexy!

Here are some other women that are showing that it’s okay to grab a weight over 10 pounds and go into full #beast mode.

In fact, strong is sexy. Forget the saying that “strong is the new skinny”… that’s over used anyways. Strong is sexy. Strong is confident. Strong is feminine.

In true Friendly Friday tradition, if you have a blog or post that you want to share, please feel free! That’s what it’s all about!

Lindsay: Strength Is Beautiful: 

the lean green bean

I had the pleasure of meeting Lindsay at Blend and I have to say, she is strong and beautiful! This post highlights some of the amazing women she works out with and their capabilities are inspiring.

I have got to get my deadlift up! lol.

Laura: Sprint 2 The Table

sprint 2 the table

To be honest, I don’t have one particular post from Laura from the past week because I wanted to share your site in general. It has some amazing eats and workout tips.

I met Laura last weekend and found out that she is a figure competitor.

Of course I had to pick her brain and get details on her experience. I realized it was much different than mine, in fact, she felt amazing even DURING training!

Her upbeat attitude and strength pulled me in, and now, I might… MIGHT be considering doing another figure competition.

Am I crazy? Love to hear your thoughts on this one.

Neghar: Assess Accept Adapt.. A Guide To More Productive Training Sessions

eat lift happy

Neghar is a gorgeous woman and a true inspiration. This particular post isn’t new but it’s new to me so that counts!

I love that she shares how to discover where you are now and how to safely make progress with your training. One important tip she shared:

Work out as strong as you are in the moment. Things like sleep, diet, stress, etc can affect your ability in the gym. So if you’re not where you were 2 days ago, that’s okay. Listen to your body and you’ll get much more out of the workout!

There is far too much for me to write down, so check it out and read it from start to end.

5 Strong Woman & A Microphone

Okay, before I sign off I have to share this podcast from What The Fitness. While in Utah, I had the pleasure of sitting down with a few of my favorite bloggers for a quick podcast talking fitness and the best tips for getting started.

Talk about motivating!

My Guests: 
Linz (
Lindsey (
Vanessa (
Stephanie (
Amanda (
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ALSO… I need your opinion:

Thoughts on doing another figure competition?
A good idea or just keep focusing on my overall fitness? 

And GO!

*If you are loving the shirt above, you can find them here:

(this is not an affiliate link, I just really love these tops)


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