Friendly Friday: The Blogger Healthy Tailgate Party

Is anyone else excited that college football has officially kicked off?

Go Clemson

clemson football

Dan & I at a wedding. And my uncle with my brother, I am guessing about 30 years ago!

We’re starting the season with a big game (ugh Georgia), but hopefully Tigers will walk away with the W.

Because I am stoked for football, and will likely be putting together a tailgate spread, I thought perhaps it would be fun to share some of my favorite tailgate foods I’ve come across this week from a few fellow bloggers.

I’m normally the girl that brings a huge vegetable plate with a spread of dips like hummus and pesto… so I might actually try to change things up.

Tailgating Foods Blogger Style

Green Hummus: Chocolate & Carrots

green hummus

Caroline actually grew up down the road from me, small world! This is a recipe she used from FitWomensWeekly, but her photography skills are so gorgeous, I had to share her version!

Butterscotch Banana Bread Oatmeal Balls: PB Fingers

butterscotch oatmeal

I love making different cookie balls because they are so easy to pack up! And are always a crowd favorite, and to me butterscotch is a wonderful fall flavor. Perfect for watching football with a hard apple cider in hand.

Black Bean & Greens Tacos: The Sweets Life


How fun would a taco bar be for a tailgate party? Dan and I have “Mexican” night just about every week (as seen on my Instagram) and these would be a great option for game day!

Quinoa Tabbouleh Salad: Sprint 2 The Table


One of my favorites! I love the freshness of the herbs that goes into a Tabbouleh salad. And this is one side salad you can almost be sure, no one else will show up with. That’s always tricky, trying to come up with something no one else will.

Homemade {Raw} S’Mores: Purely Twins


Football and smores goes together like peas and carrots! These are raw, vegan and seriously, can they look any more delicious?

Hopefully this gives some fun ideas that not only will taste delicious but aren’t so bad for your waistline either. Now, I am off… I have a TON of house projects to get done this weekend before Dan and I go on a mini-vacation (I’ll explain more on that later).

Are you a football fan? 
Which team? 

Of course for college we are all about Clemson (it’s Dan’s alma mater) and for NFL it’s all about Phili Eagles!


  • My family and I are Jets fans (I know most people laugh) but we will always stick by our team! Football is the only sport I find watching isn’t pure torture, but otherwise I find watching sports so boring!

    • Thats the sign of a true fan! If you only support a team when they’re on top then you’re a fake. that’s what Dan says anyways.

  • You’re an Eagles fan? Omgosh- Josh is obsessed! We must do a game together this year. For college, we cheer on Penn State and…USC….. For pros, Josh goes for the Eagles an I go for the Pats

    • We definitely need to! Especially since we don’t have tv so we’re always up for watching the game at a sports bar or something!

  • I saw “Tigers” before I saw Clemson and was afraid I was going to have to stop reading your blog! I despise LSU!! I’m an OU fan and I think it’s a law or something. lol

    Thankfully it was Clemson!

    NFL is Denver & St. Louis! There’s no attachment to either team but I like Peyton and Sam Bradford and I went to the same high school.

    • I am a Denver fan too bc of Peyton! Don’t worry, I was talking about the REAL Tigers!

  • Kim

    Love doing taco bars – definitely gonna add in the black bean tacos next time!!
    And – LOVE college football!

    Hook ’em Horns!!!

    • We’re taco’ing it tonight!

  • These are some great healthy tailgating ideas! My husband is a big Giants fan, and I, in turn, am too! 😉 I didn’t used to be into football, but I’ve learned to like it!

    • I became an Eagles fan from Dan too. I always loved football but never had 1 team I cheered for before.

  • Thanks for the recipes, these are perfect for this weekend! Roll Tide!!

  • Thank you so much for including my tabbouleh salad! It definitely would be a different and fun add. With pita and hummus, you could go Greek! (Haha – get it?)

    And… GO DAWGS!!!

    • Haha! Oh No… DAWGS? I thought you were a tech fan!? I might have to take the salad off… Kidding! Have a great weekend!

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