Full Body Barbell EMOM Workout

Holy hiatus, Batman!

Hello beautiful friends. I hope your week is off to a great start. Mine certainly is as! This week is my birthday week! The big 33 is just 2 days away. Ugh.

Anyone in their 30s find turning 33 tough? 30 was easy. At 31 and 32, I felt like I was still “young 30s”. Now… 33 is IN my 30s. Feeling kind of middle aged and definitely feel the need to hit some goals so we can hit some other life goals.

But there is one area of my life I am not feeling old… my workouts. I feel stronger than ever and lately have gotten an itch to get back into racing. So if you are around South Carolina and know of a good trail race, I’m game!

Speaking of my home state…

Did you see USC make it to the final 4? And the girls basketball… national champs! I’m not a Carolina fan, but since we’re the 47th WORST state to live in, I have to celebrate the fact that at least we’re an athletic bunch.

Clemson… National Football Champs (WOO HOO!)
USC… National Basketball Champs (girls) and great attempt by the boys
Coastal Carolina… National Baseball

Well, we might night be able to spell ball, but at least we can play it! lol.

Let’s move on to other athletic talk… this workout.

Alex and I conquered it last night. We just finished texting how sore we are today. It’s a good one and a workout I plan to repeat in the coming weeks as a progression! I don’t repeat workouts unless I really like them… so there ya go. I really like this one, give it a go!

All you need is a barbell and jump rope. And of course if you don’t have a barbell, you can modify with dumbbells or kettlebells!

Total Body EMOM Workout

How these EMOMs work:

Set a timer for a minute. When the minute begins, complete the given set of exercises. What’s left of the minute is rest. When the minute is up, a new minute immediately begins and you repeat. For these EMOMS, they are 8 minutes… so 8 rounds.

This is a bit longer than my normal workouts but a great way to start the week. Not to mention, I don’t think I’ve ever done 32 reps at 185-lbs for my deadlift, so that’s a win.

Check us out on Instagram to see part of the workout in action.

If you are short on time, jut take out the 5 minute AMRAPs. That’s what I did for my muscle up classes at the studio and the timing was perfect.

Tomorrow I’ll be back with a podcast, so check back in!

Thanks so much for dropping in. I’d love to know if you give this workout, or even part of it a try!.

Then head over to FitWomensWeekly so we can train TOGETHER!


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