I recently wrote a blog post about some running facts that make you go wow. Check these out because they really are amazing.

However, in this article I wanted to take a little different look and analysis about some of these facts. You’ll learn what they mean to you and how to get the most benefit out of your running.

** Even though these are facts, they are not always as accurate as you would think. You’ll see what I mean in just a minute.

Running Fact: 104.3 calories are burned every mile when running at a 10 minute mile pace.

This may be true but only for a limited amount of time. Here is an overarching exercise FACT:

Your body adapts and get more efficient and stronger with whatever you give it.

This means if you’re running, as you get stronger at running, you’ll burn less calories. With your bodies new strength, it won’t need to expend as much energy as it once did. That is why changing your workout up is so important.

Running Fact: Compression clothing can actually help you.

This was an interesting fact I found that said sprinters reported 43% less soreness during a 24 hour recovery period from a sprinting workout.

That’s pretty big news. Most runnings wear compression socks, pants and even shirts, but they don’t really know if they work. It’s most likely the compression helps to stabilize your movement and reduce movement from impact as well.

If you’re a serious runner, I would suggest some compression garments.

Running Fact: Burn more calories by sprinting more.

This is a cold hard fact. Sprinting is a calorie torcher and it’s automatically an interval workout too. Think about it like this…

You can’t sprint for very long before you have to rest. But you can recover and sprint again. That is an interval workout.

Do more sprinting. Not only will you get faster in your long range running, but you’ll burn more fat too.

Running Fact: Over 1 billion pairs of running shoes are sold each year worldwide.

I would not be surprised if it was a lot more than that. While spending lots of money on shoes is never a hugely joyous occasion, there is nothing like wearing new shoes for the first time. You have to love it!

Something that you should probably do… go out and buy new shoes!

Not just to feel the awesomeness of new shoes, but because you probably need them. I work so with many women and one of the first things I always need to tell them is to buy new shoes.

If you’re tread is gone or nearly gone, get new shoes. It will protect your joints and help you avoid injury.

Running Fact: You need to cross train, weight train with your running.

Well, you don’t NEED to but if you want to avoid injury then you really should. Running is the most dangerous sport that creates the most injury over time.

It’s actually a joint destroyer which is why you should do weight training and cross training. These types of training will help you strength your joints, tendons, ligaments, and just make your stronger.

That will not only help your running but will help decease the affects of the impact of running.

If you want some more fun facts about running, check out this list. It’s the best one I found.