Get A Victoria Secret Worthy Body

Marisa Miller is the women that if she were to knock on our door Dan is allowed to walk away with her. I can’t blame him, she’s gorgeous and she has an amazing body (duh, being a Victoria Secret Model does set standards).  Don’t worry this isn’t a one way thing… Dan knows that if Ryan Reynolds were to leave Scarlett and come running my way I can walk away… no questions asked!

But as far as Marisa’s body is concerned, she is a great role model for women looking to get feminine ripped. She lean, toned, outgoing and an overall fit woman. She even swears that body is 100% natural… and sure while she does have great genes, she says she has to work on her body and maintaining a physique that is Victoria Secret worthy.

In a recent Shape Magazine interview, Marisa revealed her “secrets” to her angel body. I love it when celebs and especially models demonstrate a healthy way to lose fat, stay tight and be fit. No starvation diets, no long 8 hour workout programs… well you get the point!

Thanks Marisa!

Here are her tips to help you start 2010 off the right way… to actually hit your fat loss goals!

Marisa Millers’ Workout Tips

  1. Sooner is better than later… apparently Marisa’s mom was working out the day before Marisa was born! Staying fit with exercise was something that was but into her head at an early age. Of course this is helpful but if you weren’t fortunate enough to have had these early fitness influences then that isn’t an excuse… get out now and start creating a habit. Just 21 days of exercise and then it will be a steady part of your life! That’s just 3 weeks… easy peasy.
  2. Fuel it up. Marisa is a model who actually eats. Her breakfast is clean and actually looks a lot like mine… steel-cut oats and fruit is a great way to start the day. She also indulges in protein shakes and carries around snacks in case she starts to drag through the day. This is one of the best tips… always have something in your purse! Nuts, protein bar, fruit slices, etc. Remember, to keep your metabolism on high you should be eating something every 2-3 hours!
  3. Resist Temptation. Avoid sugary sweets most of the time. But Marisa also lives… when she craves a burger she has one (wow) and when she goes to the movies she orders a full sugar coke. Now, while I don’t indulge in the coke thing (I don’t like it) I do love a good burger. The rule of thumb is to eat well 90% of the time and give yourself some slack 10%… that’s 1 cheat meal a week. No questions asked.
  4. Workout Flexible. She’s busy, you’re busy… so don’t beat yourself up. Marisa tries to get something in each day wether it is a spin class (actually a pretty intense cardio), boxing with her training, weight lifting or packing up her resistance bands for the road. That way when a shoot comes up she’s ready to go and in great shape.

Marisa’s Exercises

Here are a few of her favorite moves:

  • Single leg squats
  • Front Leg Lifts
  • Shoulder Press (with resistance bands)
  • Resistance band side leg raises

For a total body workout to get results like Marisa… check out this women’s workout!


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