Weight Training is my passion and even more I love training women. Women’s health and fitness has been my “thing” since I started college, I wanted to be an OB/GYN and after I got my life on the path towards a healthier, and more fit lifestyle I knew I wanted to help other women get the same results I did.

There is nothing more impowering than seeing your body transform and see the results that you have in mind. Too many times we’re left disapointed and worst off than when we started because of bad advice, lack of motivation or just not knowing exactly what to do… well, that’s where Dan, Valerie and myself come in.

Stop Being Disappointed

Designed for ONLY women, The Art of Weight Lifting combines all the parts of a great program: nutrition, motivation and of course workouts to ensure you’re not left disapointed. Tighten up trouble spots, tone up your muscles, get leaner legs, a tighter butt, amazing arms and an killer stomach that your girlfriends are jealous of! All of us trainers here follow our own advice and the clients that we have trained continue to be amazed by the results!

Imagine feeling sexy everytime you get dressed, instead of focusing on your trouble spots you will be showing off your amazing features! And the best part of training with The Art Of Weight Lifting, you only need to spend 2-3 days in the gym or at home working out, and yes of course the workouts are stressed on weight training but don’t worry because women don’t get bulky like men… we just don’t have the hormones.

And more importantly we go beyond weight training, sure it is the backbone but for a total rounded program you can also include killer: balance, core training, cardio, and flexibility workouts too!

And last, our workouts are based on your goals. If you want to lose fat and build endurance then we have a workout for you… if you want to build muscle and strength then we have workouts for you…

What Do We Have?

  • Download all workouts straight to your i-pod
  • Videos to show all the moves and what not to do!
  • Clean eating recipes and cooking shows
  • Expert interviews
  • Member only forum and workout diaries
  • Shopping lists
  • And Much More!

How To Get Started

To start getting trained and start getting results, all you have to do is visit the site: The Art Of Weight Lifting, and for just $1.00 you get full access to the site for 14 days! Download the programs, check out the videos, see the recipes and shopping list and take full advantage of the only members forum so you can start feeling and looking better than ever… cellulite free, jiggle free and fat free!

See ya at the site!