Learning to get quick and healthy meals on your table these days is vital. We are all moving so fast, but being able to cook your own meals is the key to burning excess fat and coming out really healthy. Plus you’ll enjoy food more and be a lot happier… as well as your bank.

Most people think that learning to do these things has to be hard. But it doesn’t and it isn’t. It’s actually fun so if you think this has to be hard, get ready to be surprised.

A little background…

I am not a cook. Taylor is a great cook and she makes amazing meals look really easy. But watching her and doing some practicing on my own, I have discovered how easy it can be to cook quick healthy meals and over time grow that ability to nearly anything.

Here Are My 5 Getting Started Rules For Fast, Healthy Meals You Can Cook:

Rule 1: Look At What You Eat Right Now

The easiest place to start is by fully understanding what you’re eating right now. Know both the foods you eat the most and the drinks as well. You’ll discover like most people that you’re eating the same foods.

Typically it’s about 80% of the food we eat is just a rotation of the same thing. This makes it really easy to get started eating healthy.

When you can make a good list of the foods you typically eat or order out or even go out to eat, it’s time to pick about three to start with. If you are ordering out a lot or going out to dinner, you will also realize that you tend to order the same things over and over.

It’s really shocking.

Rule 2: Learn Your Top Three Meals Ingredients (Mostly Dinner)

I would suggest three dinner meals and one breakfast meal. But pick these because what you’re going to do next is learn how to make them healthy, bring down the excess calories, and then you’ll master cooking them.

So you need to breakdown these meals as far as what is in them. Look at each of the ingredients used and you’ll quickly find the really high calorie dense parts and the parts that are clearly not very good for you.

Examples of this would be cheese. Cheese can be substituted very easily. Bonus: If over time you can give up cheese, not only will you feel much better internally, but you’ll lose tons of fat as well.

Another example are different types of wheat that are used and different types of oils that might be used in cooking.

Learn the alternatives to using things like butter, definitely margarine, cheese, the big ones like salt and sugar, plus more.

Learn the right grains to substitute any processed carbs that are being used. Things like ezekiel bread and quinoa are both really great options. There are a lot more, but don’t worry about everything. Those two taste better than processed breads and they are both really good for you.

Now you will know what you need to substitute different ingredients with. That is key because during this process, you not only knocked down the calorie load, you also inserted a lot of key nutrients that were missing before.

Step 3: Practice Cooking Your New Meals

This is where you just have to get in the kitchen and practice making it until you perfect it. I have done this with a lot of meals, some of which I can cook a lot better than Taylor. I love that 🙂 !

But just practice making it until you have it down. You’ll notice that at first it might take a full 30 minutes to cook something. But over a couple weeks of practicing, you’ll have the times and processes down.

A great example of this is an egg sandwich for breakfast I make. It used to take me about 20 to 30 minutes to make. Now I can make it and eat it in about 12 minutes.

That is fast and it’s a really healthy breakfast too!

So have fun getting good and building up this new skill. It really is fun once you get into it… the key is to stop thinking that you have more important things to do. Taking care of your body is the most important thing you can do.

Step 4: Introduce New Meals Over Time

You are going to learn really quickly how to cook these meals. You’ll have a lot of fun doing it and then you can start to introduce more and more.

In fact soon enough you’ll want to start experimenting with your own recipes. You’ll be able to do this because you’ll have a great understanding of what ingredients are healthy and which are not. Ingredients are just like foods… you’ll find you use the same ones over and over again to make a huge variety of different recipes.

At this point, not only will you be incredibly healthier, but your family will too. That’s what it’s all about… perpetuating healthy living to your family and friends.

Of course eating this type of food will also make you happier too. It’s amazing how one habit like this can really change everything.

I know this was really high level, but you can get started today.

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