Give Me Something To Belief In: Finding Motivation In 1 Person Only

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My boot campers often make fun of the music I listen to. Sometimes they might be bombarded with Mandy Moore, sometimes Prince, and yes, there might even be some Alabama… okay, so I guess I can see their point of view.

And I have been trying to update the playlist with some more “let’s burn calories” type of music. But when I am by myself I have the freedom to rock out to the music of my choice.

Yesterday that was Poison’s Give Me Something To Believe In.


I will always <3 the big hair bands. Don’t judge me.

Anyways it got me to thinking about things going on right now. One of our biggest inspirational athletes just announced openly to doping. I have purposely avoided talking much about this because let’s face it… it has been over done. I don’t want to dwell on it or the disappointment I felt.

I am still on a high from my PR and that is really what I want to focus on. M’kay?

What We Can Believe In?

something to believe in


We might not be able to look up to the celebrities and “amazing” athletes like we want. We give so much admiration to them that often times we take it personally when they let us down. We want to badly to believe they are superhuman and perfect in every way.

But instead of believing so much in them and putting them on a pedestal, why not belief in something even bigger?

Belief in you: Put that admiration and “wow” into yourself. 

If you had told me 2 years ago (heck, even 1 year ago) that I would be running half marathons and loving it, I would have called you a liar.

But you know what, one accomplishment (running a decent 10K) pushed me to want to accomplish something bigger (5 mile mud run) which pushed me to believe that I might just be able to do a half marathon.


It’s important to remember that we are so much more than we think. The only person holding you back… is you. I know that is so cliche but it’s true. So what if Lance Armstrong doped up and is a big fat fake…

Because you and me are real.

Just in the past 2 months alone, I have believed in myself so much that I have accomplished:

  • New Prs for 1/2 Marathon AND 5K
  • New boot camp business goals
  • Blog opportunities
  • And more! 

We might not have a room devoted to trophies and medals but each day I have promised myself to put my feet on the ground, breath in and remind myself that I belief in my abilities to accomplish the goals I have set for myself.

Why don’t most people who want to lose weight, lose weight? Because they have self doubt. They don’t truly believe they can do it. They feel a twinge of weakness at the thought of giving up eating crap and having to exercise. That weakness brings them down.

But we don’t have to be disappointed and let down by ourselves.

Don’t take no for an answer. Even though Lance let me down, let you down, and let millions of others down… he did teach us one good lesson:

He did survive cancer and he did get back into the competitive world of racing (even if it was done wrong). He believed in himself and now it’s time to forget about him, forget about athletes like Michael Phelps, Gabrielle Reece (Love her btw) and Dana Torres and just believe in you.


Do me a favor: 

Give yourself a challenge for the next 6 months. Maybe it’s to run a 5K. Maybe it’s to drop some weight. Or maybe it’s do something crazy like jump from a plane. I don’t care, just choose something that you can work towards. And don’t take NO for an answer.


That’s my word for 2013. It’s taken me a while to choose but that’s my final decision!

I belief that I can accomplish the goals I have set for my business, personal and fitness life this year!

Wow, all of that from listening to one great song on the drive home!? Yup!

  • Tomorrow is Ask Away Wednesday! If you have any questions go ahead and ask away in the comments below! I LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing what is on your mind so don’t be shy. 
  • What is something that you have done lately that surprised you (in a good way)? 


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