Gluten Dude Explains It All: Gluten-Free This And Gluten-Free That

When you want to know more about something, you seek out the experts, right?


So when I wanted to learn more about celiac and this whole gluten-free diet craze, I could find no one more appropriate than Gluten Dude.

gluten dude interview gluten dude

Unlike mainstream celebrities, he didn’t choose this gluten-free diet. If he had it his way, GD would be enjoying “normal” foods and wouldn’t be stuck calling restaurants prior to dinners, wouldn’t have to separate himself from his own family when it comes to meal prep, and he wouldn’t be drinking gluten free beer.

Celiac changed that, the diet chose him.

It’s been a hard journey, but one where education is a part of his daily life. He’s like a sponge when it comes to eating GF which is why I wanted to talk.

Lucky for me (and you), GD had some time for a quick chat!

In this What The Fitness, we talked about EVERYTHING… but more specifically:

kim k gluten free
  • Signs/Symptoms of celiac
  • How to be tested and why it often takes so long
  • The first steps to adjusting to a gluten free diet
  • Setting up your kitchen to handle a gluten free lifestyle (it’s more than just the food).
  • How celebrities (he just loves Gwyneth and Kim) endorsing a gluten-free diet have done more harm than good for those that have to avoid it.

And more… 

Listen in to the podcast for everything. I promise, gluten-free or not, you’ll really enjoy this.

Again, I want to thank Gluten Dude for his time and amazing information on this topic. I had a blast chatting with him and learned so much!

If you enjoyed this episode, and want more info from GD:


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Ever tried going gluten free for a few days? Or are you gluten free? 

Do you have any dietary restrictions?

Well, as you know I am vegan. However I am lactose intolerant as well (since college) so I have avoided dairy for the most part for exactly a decade. Though, sometimes a girl just needs frozen yogurt!

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  • I find it amazing that so many choose to be gluten free when they don’t need to. I have an uncle with celiac’s and a cousin on my husbands side. It’s a very serious disease and even life threatening. So no, I haven’t tried it.

    • I agree 100% with you!

    • Cheryl

      I think medical science has not figured out what is going on with all the stomach issues going on. For instance I have been sick for years with my digestion…I avoid wheat because if I eat it, I have a various list of disorders that it causes. I have all the problems a celiac has but only a diagnosis of IBS. They thought I had celiac but their testing is really inadequate at this point. No one wants to stop eating the foods they love cause it’s a FAD….

      • I hope your issues get better and eventually a diagnosis! It’s amazing how advanced the medical world is yet how much we are still lacking in knowledge. Good luck.

  • Jo

    I don’t have celiacs and dang sure don’t want it, but have come to realize I am sensitive to carbs and my body is happier without them (even the good complex ones)…have far less mood swings, don’t feel compelled to sleep as much and exercise endurance is FAR better without them…against most advice and education, I exercise better (especially running/cardio) in full blown ketosis than consuming carbs and keeping glycogen stores…15 mins in and I’m spent with carbs…in ketosis I am like the energizer bunny

    • That’s really interesting! And great that you found that out about yourself.

  • I don’t have celiac, but I do buy some gluten free foods because I just like them better. For example, gluten free frozen waffles (The Van’s ones), and I like the Udi’s frozen bread. But, everyone likes a lot of gluten free foods bc many foods are just naturally gluten free- like fruits, veggies, meat and seafood for those who choose to eat that, etc. I like how he talked about eating whole foods instead of just going to the store and buying only gluten-free versions. Some of those alternatives are pretty expensive too!

    I have a friend with celiac and it’s very serious… it’s an autoimmune disease, after all. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with avoiding gluten or bread or dairy or any food out of choice- hey, I avoid meat out of choice. But, there’s definitely a difference in someone who does a “gluten free diet”, where they don’t eat the gluten, and someone who has celiac and has to worry about cross-contamination or getting REALLY sick if they come in contact with gluten.

    • I agree, I like that perspective of giving it up like we’ve given up meat.

      I haven’t tried Vans but I’ve heard good things about them. Next time they’re on sale, I am all over it.

  • Oh and my favorite thing about gluten free labels…

    Fruity Pebbles are gluten free.

    • Hahaha, classic. I used to LOVE FPs… but Lucky Charms were the best!

  • Thanks for the interview! Its nice to see someone else’s perspective of GF. The real reason why, not the fad.

    • Thanks! I was excited for you to hear it! I thought you guys could relate.

  • Elizabeth

    Hey Taylor,
    You mentioned that Gluten Dude would tell what causes Celiac disease but I must have missed it. I also can’t find it on his blog. Can you enlighten me please? Thanks!

    • Kim

      Celiac disease is hereditary. There is no outside cause, just our genes! I found out I had it after having iron deficient anemia for several years with no known cause. The doctors finally tested me for it, and the Gluten-Free diet has been the best thing that has happened to me in years! 🙂

      • I’m so glad you finally received peace of mind of knowing what was going on. Glad you’re doing well now!

    • At this time, celiac causes are unknown and they believe it to be hereditary. According to GD there is still a lot of this disease that is to be studied and it’s relatively new in our medical world.

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