Grass Fed Cows Make Better Milk Than Grain Fed

What's Your Cow?

A new study was published today on milk and the cows that produce it. Since milk is such a beneficial drink to not just our bones but also fat burning and muscle recovery I felt it a must to share it… thank me later.

Now I will admit 100% that I really need to up my milk intake. I am lactose-intolerant so I tend to stay away from it for obvious reasons… but I can handle small amounts of skim so I should take advantage of it.
Any-who… here’s the deal:

Cows that are grass fed have more of the unsaturated fat  CLA that grain fed. CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) is a great fat in helping to fight against heart disease. But it also is linked to help battle against belly fat. CLA is a big supplement right now because of it’s links to increase fat burning.

Now more research is being done which may also have CLA linked to decreasing odds of diabetes and cancers.

Got Milk?

It’s naturally occurring in more than just milk (meat and eggs) but milk is the biggest source overall. Milk gets a bad wrap for being high in fat, but this is a good fat that can’t be ignored and shouldn’t be. To help improve your body and your health grab the grass fed milk with the high CLA.

Of course the highest concentrations are found in whole milk, but to stay on the healthier side go with a lighter 1-2% milk.

Read the entire Milk Article Here


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