Lots of women prefer to exercise in the gym. I actually find myself in this group as well. There are some advantages that only outside can compare to. For example, at the gym…

  • Your free from many distractions at home like work, phones, kids, husbands.
  • Your free from comfortable furniture that beckons you to relax.
  • You can be loud by dropping weights, or jumping with a more aggressive nature.
  • You have a lot more equipment and options for exercises.

I am not saying that exercising at home is bad. If you know how to do it so you can avoid all these distractions then it’s the best. You eliminate travel time and free up even more time in your day.

But when it comes to gym workouts, lots of women want to know what to do because the options open up so much.

Here Are My Gym Routine Tips For Women To Burn More Fat And Increase More Strength

Tip 1: First Know Yourself And Be Honest

The first thing you need is to know yourself and be very honest with your limitations. You don’t want to try some weights of something so new to you without being full ready. It’s a recipe for injury and that is the one thing you want to avoid at all costs.

Avoid injury as there is nothing that will hurt your exercise excitement and future excitement more than being able to do nothing for weeks on end.

Tip 2: Have A Progressive Workout Plan

Make sure you have a progressive workout plan. When you’re in the gym with so much available to you, it’s very easy to jump from one thing to the next with no plan or merit to the exercise.

If you have a plan then you can get a workout in fast, eliminate time wasting, and most of all ensure that you’re going to get the results you want.

Tip 3: Avoid Certain Parts of the Gym

Avoid the weight machines. The one machine I use is the row machine, but I use that very very rarely. Machines do not train your body correctly and actually cause more problems with your body than help.

Avoid the machines. Stick to cable equipment, free weights, stability balls, steppers, med balls, and the treadmills.

Here Are Some Gym Workouts For Women You Can Use For Your Next Workout

The Bodyweight Workout:

Here is a short progression to give you some ideas of what you can do. If you want to really get a program and a progression for that program, look at joining my newsletter list as well as Fit Women’s Weekly where I do my online training.

  • Exercise 1: Reverse Row utilizing the smith machine
  • Exercise 2: Elevated Pushup using the stepper
  • Exercise 3: Lunges with Dumbbells – better if walking lunges
  • Exercise 4: Box Jumps using the stepper

This little progression will use your entire body. When it comes to the rep count, for fat burning I would do time instead. Set your clock for 30 seconds and do each for 30 seconds. When you’re doing the walking lunges with dumbbells, make sure you’re not using too much weight.

After 30 seconds, go up to 45 seconds, then 60 seconds. You can then work your way back down. Use little rest between exercises and rest after the small circuit.

This is just an example so be very careful if you use it. I am writing about it more to give you an idea of a gym workout that uses equipment that you won’t have access to anywhere else.

The Weight Workout:

When I train clients, I don’t usually let them use a weight until they can pass certain assessment tests. This just ensures there is enough strength available to control exertion and keep form in great shape too.

  • Exercise 1: Deadlift
  • Exercise 2: Bench press
  • Exercise 3: Alternating dumbbell row
  • Exercise 4: Split squat

This too is a very small circuit but it works your whole body. If you’re ready for a more intense weight training experience then this would be in. The great thing about getting strong enough for weights, you can go heavy or light and move faster.

I cannot stress how important it is that you perfect your form through bodyweight training first. Weights can be very tough on your body and you need to learn how to recover and respect the rest time you’ll need.

I hope this gave you a good idea for some gym workouts. The gym is a great place and can be used to really help you achieve the exact body you want, within reason.

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