Hamstring Exercises To Tone And Tighten Your Legs

I made this video the other day because I have had some many women asking advice on toning the back of their legs… is this your trouble zone too? It’s one of the most popular zones for cellulite to creep its way up to the surface and even though we would love to just slap some lotion on our legs and be on our way cellulite-free it doesn’t work that way.

The right exercises will help you to eliminate the appearance of the orange-peel… I find it so strange that we’re embarrassed so much with cellulite but the reality is that 90% of women deal with it, but I guess the media has done a good job of turning it into a feared “skin disorder”… humbug.

These hamstring exercises will:

  • Tighten your hamstrings
  • Tone your hamstrings
  • Build muscle
  • Add variety to your workouts
  • And decrease cellulite appearance!


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