Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! I hope that the day is filled with great times with those closest to you.

I love Thanksgiving, after all it’s the kick off to the holidays! Starting tomorrow I get to listen to Christmas Music, start decorating the house and get busy buying Christmas presents! It’s absolutely, without a doubt, my most favorite time of the year!

We are having Thanksgiving with my parents this year, along with my brother, his wife, my baby niece, my Grandmama, and my sister-in-law’s parents.

Are we eating clean? Umm, I wish, but no. With my mom in the kitchen I will expect to walk in the house and see Paula Deen’s cookbook sitting on the counter.

I will help my mom cook while the boys watch football (how typical). I promised Dan mimosas so the champagne is chilling now. I was in charge the the dessert this year and have t be honest, pretty proud of how it turned out… and the cake is clean (I won’t mention it to the family until they have devoured it).

Dark Chocolate Cake with Raspberry and Chocolate Ganache Filling... Buttercream Icing... Hand made chocolate leaves!

Dan and I started our own tradition a few years ago, it really began because he hates the parade and wanted to figure out a way to make me happy without him being tortured (who hates the Macy’s Day Parade)… any who… he turns on my favorite move “LOVE ACTUALLY” while I get ready in the morning. That’s about it.

Friday we will get our tree and the house will be “Christmas-fied”, and Saturday is the Clemson Vs Carolina game, and then Sunday it’s back to my parents to decorate their tree! Fun filled weekend of holiday enjoyment had by all!

What about you… what do you do this weekend?? 

This made me laugh:


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