The intimidation factor that comes with intense workouts can be overwhelming. Enough so that it causes many women to quit before they even get started in a program to lose weight.

After all, when you first start, the only thing you’re reminded of is:

  • How weak you are
  • How weak you feel
  • How out of shape you are compared to what you use to be
  • How far you have to go now that you know how out of shape you are

But these are all the wrong things to be concentrating on. Our minds can be our worst enemies or they can be our greatest factors in success. And it doesn’t even matter if you’re just starting out, you have to be on your top game even when you’re been exercising for years like me.

And you do that by pretending as if

  • As if you were already a strong woman
  • As if you already had the body you’re going for
  • As if you’ve been doing this for years
  • As if you know you can handle anything

Acting as if can be very powerful, but you have to believe in it. Here are some examples of acting as if that work and times when it didn’t work. Then take this concept with you anywhere… not just the gym because it can help you in so many aspects of life.

Scenario 1 – Act As If… You’re a Warrior

Dan has been trying to increase his deadlift to 350 pounds. He’s been doing amazing and the other day he deadlifted 300 pounds for the first time and with ease too. It was funny because the day before he couldn’t even budge 295 and now it picked up 300 as if it were a small 100.

This is such a guy thing, but he acted as if he were this warrior and he had to prove himself by doing this. He essentially used fantasy to build himself up and tap into another level of strength.

Silly? Maybe but he is accomplishing his goals faster than ever.

Scenario 2 – Act As If… You’re a Fit Female Rocky

I remember when I was learning to do pull-ups. I couldn’t budge myself and I had to start on the assisted machine. However, there was this woman, I can’t remember her name and she was a pull-up competition winner. I really looked up to her, but I acted as if I were her competition.

It got me fired up and made me train hard like Rocky or something.

In just a few short weeks I was doing about 2 to 3 pull-ups with no help. During that time I built myself unto 15 or so straight pull-ups. It was awesome and it felt great acting as if!

Scenario 3 – Act As If… You’ve Handled This Before

This next one is a little different but it shows the power of the body. I read a book where the author told a story of how he and his wife were out riding trails on their bike. As they were coming back to their car, a swarm of hornets where russelled by accident and he was study about a dozen times.

He immediately whipped himself into a panic thinking about allergic reactions and not being able to breath. Sure enough, his started to have trouble breathing, the stings swelled and were getting out of control.

His wife was speeding to get him to the nearest hospital. But then something changed in him and he decided to act as if his body was find. He’d been stung before when he was a kid and everything was find. This time would be no different.

Sure enough by the time they got to the hospital, he was breathing fine and all the swelling and even pain was gone. He acted as if and his mind made it happen.

Are You Going To Start Acting As If?

Of course there are some limitations to this, but it’s a mental shift from lack and fear to possibility and courage. You have to think all day everyday and it’s going to be hard to control all of those thoughts.

However, wouldn’t you rather thing empowering thoughts amidst all the negative ones and fill yourself with courage?

I know I would and that is what I try to do. I think you should join me in doing this and it will not only change your body but how you handle everything in life.

Remember, Act As If!