Healthify Your Recipes: Ingredient Substitutes

One of my favorite things to do is cook, but more specifically I love having the ability to find a yummy recipe and transform it into still being yummy but also healthy. Most “unhealthy” recipes can be tweaked to have a healthy side.

And it’s my mission to be able to do it!

This video offers some great basic baking and cooking substitutes. For example, if your recipe calls for an egg, use two egg whites.

Need a cup of sugar? Use 3/4 cup of agave nectar instead.

Watch this quick video to get more ideas.

Here’s an example of what I am talking about… I had a client that wanted to make her mom’s pumpkin muffins but she knew they didn’t fit the Clean definition so she sent me the recipe and asked for me to look it over and make suggestions to “healthify” it… yes, I just made that up.

Here’s how they turned out, and they were delicious! I will post the recipe up this weekend.


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