Lifting Revolution: Opening The Doors For Womens Weight Lifting

I am so excited to be writing the first entry for Lifting Revolution… the blog devoted to womens weight lifting by a woman weight lifter.

On the blog there will be everything from my own personal workouts, weight lifting news, exercise fads and reviews, tips on clean eating and healthy living and much much more.

We’re more than just a weight lifting blog, we’re a lifestyle blog helping women to achieve the body they want because we’re not prisoners in our body we can change it and mold it… we just need the right tools. I can proudly say I haven’t always been the picture of perfect fitness:

I battled with yo-yo diets, a weight gain of 40 lbs and then an eating disorder all before the age of 21. Today I can tell another story that I am much more proud of and I can help you to reach your goals too.

For help beyond Lifting Revolution, you can also check out The Art Of Weight Lifting for programs and nutrition help to lose inches, tone and define your body and feel sexy and amazing.


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