Help! I’m Trying To Lose Weight But Hungry All The Time & The March Challenge

I remember what it’s like.

I remember trying so hard to count every calorie I put into my mouth. Working diligently to keep my calories low so that I could continue to see the number on the scale go down.

I can remember hearing my stomach growl and turning up the music on my iPod in an effort to ignore the hunger pains. Or being embarrassed when those hunger pains would break the silence in a room.

I was only trying to lose weight! Didn’t my body know that? Why was it making this whole task so difficult?

Okay, so in my own personal situation it was likely because 500 calories/day just isn’t enough for a person to live growl-free. It wasn’t healthy and that starving feeling was my body’s way of trying to tell me that.

But what about other people, maybe you, who aren’t taking it to extremes? Who are trying to watch what they eat in an effort go lose weight but are having a hard time with it because your starving… all the time?

Well, I’ve gotten this question a ton lately, so I felt it was appropriate to address it in person.

I’m Trying To ‘Diet’ But I’m Hungry All The Time: What Should I Do? 

To recap, go through the following 4 questions to discover the underlining cause of your hunger pains. Understanding the cause will help you discover the solution. Fast!

First: Am I REALLY Hungry? 

Are you bored, stress, frustrated? Get in touch with your emotions for the real reason you’re craving food. Then go for a walk, get a workout in, clean the kitchen… anything to try and take your mind off things.

Chances are, that hunger will disappear.

Second: Am I Thirsty? 

The body doesn’t know the difference between hunger and thirst very well. Many times, you think you’re hunger but you really just need a big glass of ice water.

Chug a glass down, wait 10 minutes and see if you’re hunger still persist. If it does, then eat.

Third: Am I Eating Enough?

Losing weight is a tricky little beast. We all know that to lose weight you have to burn more calories than you’re taking in. So if you eat a lot less, then shouldn’t you lose a lot more?

Not necessarily. The body goes into “starvation” mode, holding on to everything it can. It triggers signs of hunger to try and get you to eat more.

For many people, if you’re hungry… you might actually be hungry.

Make sure to cut your calories by no more than 500/day. This combined with regular exercise will put you on a healthy road to success.

Also, eat small meals frequently if you find yourself hungry often. Don’t think that snacking is a bad thing. Eating when you’re hungry will keep you from binging when you’re starving!

Fourth: Am I Eating Filling Foods? 

Many low calories foods are loaded with carbs and low in protein and fats. The problem? Carbs begin the digestion process in your mouth. They’re easy to break down and that means they pass through quickly… they don’t have a lot of staying power to keep you full.

Protein and fat on the other hand, is harder to break down. They both stay in your stomach longer helping to keep you feeling full.

Make sure that ALL meals have a good source of protein, fats and carbs for balanced, whole food nutrition.

Make sure to check out the examples in the video!

Remember, It’s Not About Dieting

What I try to remind all of my clients… losing weight isn’t about dieting. It’s not about cutting calories now, then going back to old habits once the weight is gone.

It’s about looking at your previous habits, those that added the weight on in the first place, and making the decision to make new habits.

When you do, you will see results. Perhaps it’s cutting back on less processed foods or maybe you noticed that you eat out far too many nights a week.

Whatever the issue, there are easy tweaks that can be implemented to see results.

I promise!

Now that that’s off my chest here are a few favorites when it comes to filling but healthy food choices.

Healthy & Filling Foods

Many of the foods below can be added to snacks or meals to add an extra “filling” quality that was lacking before.

  • Yogurt (Coconut milk yogurt is our fav)
  • Nut Butter
  • Avocado (great when added to protein shakes)
  • Attune Granola/Cereal (awesome added to yogurt for a more filling meal)
  • Nuts
  • Dried Garbanzo (great for salad toppers)
  • Cheese (when paired for fiber-filled fruit like apples)

Quick reminder… listen to your body! If it’s screaming it’s hungry, then give it something! There is no shame in listening to it. This is the main principle behind intuitive eating. What benefit do you get out of leaving yourself starving?

Trust me, no one likes you when you’re hangry!

Do you have any great snack suggestions? 

March Into Spring: The March Fitness Challenge


Can you believe that it’s time for a new challenge already?

I am still putting the finishing touches on February’s prize package but if you completed it, let me know down in the comments!

Are you ready for March? 

I thought it would be fun to go off of the month’s name to come up with something both cute and effective. So this month it’s about marching… or running, walking, however you get around.

This month I challenge you to travel at least… 31 miles running/walking or 62 miles if biking.

– Or –

If you know roughly how many miles you log in a month, add 10 more on!

Pick your traveling poison, get your GPS watch charged up (or your phone) and get moving.

The challenge starts TODAY. Each Friday, let me know how many miles you’ve logged.

How To Register?

Make sure you’ve signed up by entering your email into the Challenge page, found here. That way I can keep you motivated and in the game!

I think this should be a fairly simply challenge for most, but the point is to get motivated to MOVE MORE!

Perhaps it should have been… Move More In March??

So for me, my personal goal will be to run 75 miles this month.

Are you with me? 


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