Holiday Avoid Weight Gain Survival Guide: Fit Show Episode

This is the first re-introduction of my fitness show! I used to do these all the time, but I can’t lie… I just have been making excuses. Now it’s time to get back to what is important to me and that means getting back in front of the camera and sharing fun tips, tricks and wise words of wisdom. We’re still brainstorming names for the show so if you have any ideas please share away.

Also if you have any request for topics, I would love to hear from you! Each Monday, the show will cover something nutrition related (recipes, studies, tips, etc) and something exercise related (workouts, q&a, etc).

With that…let’s get started on today’s show!

This weekend I had a ton of friends starting to hit up holiday parties. People aren’t messing around this year, I’m afraid. Parties kicked off on December 1st and for many of us will keep on going right until January 1, 2013 (anyone else not a fan of odd years?).

With that holiday festivities in full gear, it’s time to set us up for success… no one wants to start the new year weighing 5 extra pounds than you are today, right? Sure we want to all enjoy ourselves and let loose a little, but I promise, you can still have your eggnog and drink it too.

Holiday Survival Guide:

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Handling Parties: 

  • Eat something before hand so you’re not scarfing down all the appetizers
  • Don’t skip out on meals the day of parties (same reason as above)
  • Eat a full plate… don’t try to avoid food you want. Allow 1 plate to be filled with everything you want. That way it’s easier to avoid seconds
  • Avoid standing beside the food table. Grab what you want and hang out else where. Out of site out of mind.
  • Drink pattern: cocktail –> water –> cocktail –> water. This will help to avoid dehydration, calories, and embarrassing kisses under the mistletoe.
Handling Workouts: 
  • Quick and to the point! Don’t get flustered if you don’t have 60 minutes to get a workout in. 15 minutes is all you need.
  • Tabata workouts: 20 seconds work (full out); 10 seconds of rest… repeat 8 rounds before changing to a new exercise. 3 exercises = 12 minutes!
  • Intervals: did you know that 2 hours in 2 weeks of intervals burns the equivalent # of calories as 10 hours of steady state cardio? Food for thought. My favorite: Run fast for 5 minutes… walk for 5 minutes. Run a bit faster for 4 minutes… walk for 4 minutes. Run a bit faster for 3 minutes… walk 3 minutes. Run really fast for 2 minutes… walk 2 minute. Run really, really fast for 1 minute… walk 1 minute. And you’re done!
  • Personal challenges: 30 days of 30 burpees is just the one I am doing. Challenge yourself in a fun way. Maybe, start each morning out with 3 minutes of body weight squats. Every day for the rest of December.
  • Getting exercise each day, even if it’s just 10 minutes can help make wiser food decisions later.

That’s a wrap this week! Have a wonderful Monday.

  • What’s your favorite holiday cocktail? 
  • When is your first holiday party this month? 

My favorite holiday cocktail is either red wine or a champagne cocktail. I love champagne and did you know that extra dry champagne has less calories and sugar than classic wine?

I KNOW that the past few days have been a bit heavy with holiday love, so I promise tomorrow will not have to do with the holidays (unless you want it to, lol).


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