The Holiday season can be a crazy stressful time. The minute midnight hits on Black Friday, craziness will ensue. What’s really scary is this year Black Friday started on Thursday. It seems the insatiable appetite of corporate money hounds is truly unstoppable.

The stress piles up from every direction:

  • Traffic on the roadways is more than ever which means bad drivers everywhere.
  • Family coming into town which is great but packs on the anxiety too.
  • Work gets more stressful as the end of the year approaches.
  • The stress of work parties and having to show up and look great, maybe thinner.
  • And so much more!

It can seem unbearable and just thinking about it creates stress. However…

You Can Handle Holiday Stress Like Using A Remote For Your TV… EASY!

“When times get crazy, the thing people give up is exercise, and that’s the key thing a person needs. When a person is excitable from stress, the burst of energy that you get from exercise can help burn the adrenaline off and calm you down,” said Erica Christ, RD, CDE, an exercise physiologist at Greenwich Hospital’s Weight Loss & Diabetes Center.

Erica helps her clients to learn how to use exercise not only for the immediate and long term health benefits, but for the mental benefits as well.

Exercise Is One Of The Few Activities That Keeps You In The Present

Stress is created by letting your emotions get out of hand because you are either thinking about something in the past or worrying about something in the future. When you’re not engaged 100% in the present, you start to panic and create non-existent scenarios in your head.

However, exercise is one of the activities that forces you to stay completely present and focused in what you’re doing. This is one reason why it’s such a great stress reducer and one of the best remedies for depression.

Fit In More Exercise During The Holidays

Have you even been so upset or angry at something that you had to pound a pillow?

It’s been rare, but I know I have. Controlling our emotions during the Holiday season can be really tough and that is when a great workout can save you.

Imagine this…

You’re in traffic that isn’t moving. You have to get these errands done because you have to be back at work before 1:30. At this rate it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

You start to imagine your boss getting upset with you and the appointment you have at 2:00 which will not have to be rescheduled. Then out of nowhere the car in front of you does something moronic like trying to switch lanes really fast only to have to slam on their breaks.

This pushes you over the edge and you begin to get angry.

In your angered state, you forget about the errands and you go back to work in a pissed off mood. It affects all of your work and you can’t seem to calm down so you do the one thing you shouldn’t… eat sugary foods or drinks to calm down.

Now Imagine This One Change…

When you get back to work, you quickly put your workout clothes on because you always carry them with you. You have a great workout from Fit Women’s Weekly and you set your timer for 20 minutes.

You go through the intense workout, busting your booty the entire time.

When you’re done, you feel great. Your adrenaline is spent and not pumping your body up. You feel relaxed, tired, and actually together. You take a fast shower change and still make your appointment and do great on it.

That’s the power of exercise.

It seems to be the one thing people give up during the Holidays. However, do what you do to make sure you keep it as the cornerstone of your weekly foundation.

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