When it comes to Holiday weight gain, most women will eat enough calories to actually put on 1 to 3 pounds of body fat over the Holiday season. However, you combine these extra calories with the types of food being eaten and that number can go upwards of 5 to 7 pounds (although this is very much the extreme).

It does not have to be this way. I truly think that most women are not even close to putting that type of weight on (5 to 7 pounds)… maybe 1 to 3 real pounds of fat, but not much more.

In episode 1 of the Lifting Revolution Fitness and Nutrition Show, we’ll talk about:

  • How to survive the Holiday parties without going crazy and without depriving yourself.
  • How to survive Holiday meals with family and more.
  • How to fit in workouts that are fast and highly effective… no matter how busy your Holiday season is.
  • How to relieve Holiday stress.
  • Plus a lot more!

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What Is The Lifting Revolution Fitness And Nutrition Show?

About a year ago I started to film a show and had a lot of fun doing it. However, I was all over the place with my blog and business so it didn’t go very far.

Now it’s much different as my blog is the center of my business. Now I am going to put this show on more often along with my podcasts as well. In these shows we’ll cover all sorts of fun things from:

  • Great fitness and fat loss advice…
  • Workouts and workout ideas…
  • New equipment and my favorite things to do…
  • Weekly challenges…
  • Nutrition, recipes, and how to eat healthy…
  • Motivation, support, and self improvement…
  • Plus so much more!

I hope this is a fun way to interact as opposed to just reading my posts all the time. Personally, I want to get better at video and I hope this allows me to do it.

Thanks for watching and look for more soon!