Weather you’re not able to get to the gym today or if you don’t have a gym membership there’s no excuse to not get in a great workout. You can have a fantastic workout with home fitness training.

Right now there is no surprise that with the economic downfalls gym memberships just don’t make it into the monthly budget and that’s ok… after all many gyms charge $50+ bucks a month. So what happens if you don’t have a gym membership or you can’t make it to the gym on  your normal workout days…

Bring the gym to you!

There are several benefits of home fitness training:

  • Working out in privacy
  • Working out when the time is convenient… Suddenly have a 30 minute break and now it’s time to sweat!
  • There no need to use gas on trips to the gym
  • Blast whatever inspirational music you want… who like the stations that the gyms put on anyway?
  • Get back to the basics. There’s probably no fancy machines sitting around your house so working out goes back to the basics, back to what works!

But can you really get just as good of a workout in your home as you can in the gym?

Sure you can, and if you have a few pieces of workout equipment then you will definitely be on your way to seeing fat burning, muscle toning results. I will add that as you get more experienced it will be a smart idea to add to your home gym but for now that’s not a problem.

Here’s the short list of gear I recommend for your at home fitness training sessions:

All You Need!

All You Need!

  1. Stability ball
  2. 1 or 2 sets of dumbbells (10lbs is a great weight to have)
  3. Chair or coffee table
  4. Elastic workout bands

I told you that the list would be short!

So now lets talk about the actual exercises that you can be doing in your home to get amazing results. First off, I recommend doing big compound exercises, or exercises that work several big muscle groups at once. This is so you get ultimate fat burning results and great feminine ripped toning results too. These compound exercises have a big range of motion which translates into a big calorie burn.

Second, for time efficiency and intensity purposes circuit workouts are a fantastic workout program for home fitness. Circuits are back to back exercises performed with little or no rest, it isn’t until all the exercises are done that you get to rest before doing it again!

Circuits are great for strength training, muscle toning and cardio workouts. It’s the best of both worlds. Plus they increase your metabolism for days after you’ve finished (yup… DAYS).  So unlike normal cardio workouts, circuits actually help your body to maintain and grow muscle.

I am going to give a great circuit workout for you to give it a try, but first I want to just give a couple of exercises that are fantastic for at home workouts.

Top At Home Fitness Exercises:

Squat with band resistance
Dips of chair
Step-ups on to chair/coffee table
Lunge walks
Lunge jumps
Stair sprints
Stability Ball squats
Stability ball back extension
Dumbbell shoulder press
Push-up with DB row

These are all great moves… I recommend putting together a circuit of a total of 6-10 exercises with the exercises being either for a set number of reps or a set amount of time. Here’s a great example and a great circuit workout that you can do for your home fitness training!

Exercise        Reps/Time

Body weight squat          30 reps
Push-ups                          15 reps
Lunge jumps                   45 seconds
Shoulder Press               12 reps
Mountain Climbers       30 seconds
Dips off chair                  15 reps
SB Crunch                       18 reps

Repeat this circuit for 3 times if possible! If not, that’s ok you now have something to aim for.

Extra Moves…

Below is a great video for push-ups since they are a stable for most at home fitness workouts. The push-up not only targets the arms, but the chest, abs, butt and legs too! It’s definitely an important move to make sure you have it down pact! Here’s also a squat video for the same purpose… Enjoy!