How To Fall Into Fall: Recipe For Homemade Apple Bread {Vegan}

Remember how I was so mean and teased you with this?

Well, I have come around and decided I couldn’t keep this recipe a secret any longer. Apples are just coming into season and for me nothing feels more like fall than the smell of apples and cinnamon.

And since we just happen to have so many around, I decided it was time to introduce fall a bit early in our house by experimenting with apple bread! Wow, the aroma of the cinnamon, nutmeg, and apples filled our entire house and I knew I was going to be satisfied!

Making this apple bread was surprisingly really easy, but it looks as if it took forever! It’s pretty enough to package up and give to friends, neighbors, or your kids’ new teachers! But personally, I decided to keep it and eat a slice for breakfast!

Give it a go, and enjoy!

Homemade Vegan Apple Bread

  • What’s your favorite season? 
  • Favorite thing to do with apples?



  • Lauren

    This sounds so good! I want to ship it to my boyfriend in Afghanistan – how do you think it would do being baked in a mason jar? (When we ship over cakes, we fill half of a jar with cake batter and as it bakes, it rises and fills the whole jar. Boiling the lid seals it onto the jar and keeps the cake fresh until the guys open it.) How much did the bread rise?

    • What a great idea! I might have to try that one. I rises about equal to a cake… I would say about 1/3. It is so good and he’ll love it! When does he get to come back? Keeping him in my thoughts, and tell him thanks for all he does!

  • Sounds fabulous, thanks for sharing!

  • Patty

    Wonderful ideas the bread looks fabulous – the pictures make my mouth water with the thoughts of how good it tastes. The baking idea
    Will come in handy when our son leaves to go to Afghanistan soon

    • He will love it! Have a safe trip!

  • Everytime I see these pancakes, and I have no idea why I’ve yet to make them, I think, Pancakes for Peace. Really, how you could be anything but purely peaceful eating these. Unless someone grabbed them off your plate. That probably wouldn’t be so peaceful.

  • Happymomx2

    Sounds delish. Do you happen to have nutrition information?

    • With the recipe calculator I use, if you slice it into 8 pieces, each has around 150 calories, 3.5 grams protein, 30 carbs, 2 grams fat 🙂 It is super delish!

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