How A Single Run Can Boost Power, Success & Confidence

I had a breakthrough (after a breakdown) this weekend.

I mentioned not long ago that I’m going through a rough patch. We all go through them, it’s part of being human, I just refuse to stay stuck in it.

So, I’ve been doing some soul searching… talking with Dan and leaning on friends. Don’t worry, I won’t go all into it but I will share this…

Part of my issue is my fitness confidence.

With the year coming to a close (adios 2016!), looking back, I can’t say I accomplished much. I feel as if I failed more than I succeeded and man do those feelings really suck.

(I’m not saying this to whine or have everyone tell me I’m crazy.
I’m just sharing my thoughts and hoping others can relate.)

Should I feel this way?

Probably not, but that doesn’t mean it’s not okay to feel dissatisfied.

And I’m sharing because I know I am not alone on this feeling of “meh”.

Those feelings of…

“Can I do this?”
“Am I good enough?”
“Am I strong enough?”
“Am I fast enough?”

Damn the ‘enoughs’…

Enoughs suck major you know what. Eventually, if you keeping asking yourself the above questions (or your own variations), it turns to:


Yup, I’ve learned that the hard way.

After so much self doubt and questions, this is the ultimate question I’ve been plagued with. Sucks because of course I am (and you are) enough!

Another thing I discovered?

One success can run over and help the question become a statement:

I Am Enough!

That happened this weekend.

Keystone Successes


Have you ever heard of a keystone habit?

>>> One habit that filters to other new habits.

An example is healthy eating. Someone that starts to eat healthier will often begin to exercise more, drink less, etc.

Well, success is the same. Create one success and suddenly you feel… Like nothings going to stop you.

Saturday was the start of my keystone success. I did something I thought was impossible.

Get this…

I ran 10 miles at a 7.46 pace!

Trust me, I was shocked but I needed it. With my half marathon re-do not far off, I needed to proof to myself that I could hit my goal pace. I needed a confidence booster.

Of course I celebrated with a handstand.


It didn’t start off looking positive though. My plan for this run was to see how far I could go at half marathon goal pace (7.50-8.0 pace).

I woke up, drank my coffee and drove over to the start of the Charleston Greenway (great for out and backs). My back felt tight. it does every morning, but thought the warm drive would help.

It didn’t.

Mistake 1: 

My first mile was miserable and I had a hard time getting a stride going. I thought about turning around, but the idea of giving up kept me going.

Luckily, my body warmed up and my posture was able to straighten out at the end of mile 1.

Mistake 2:

I also made the mistake of podcasts.

I thought it would be a great idea to listen to a mindset podcast during the run. But when I looked down at my pace at mile 2, I saw 8.26 flashing at me and knew that wasn’t going to cut it.

The podcast’s slow conversation was affecting my turnover. Boo.  So off with the podcast and on with the Beastie Boys!


From then on, it was one foot in front of the other. I stopped a few times to stretch when needed and I realized my endurance was going to take a few of these training runs to come back.

But at the end…

I felt great. I felt confident, and I felt like I was enough. I am enough.

And please, don’t think this is just about a run. This is about life. We all need to find a confidence booster from time to time that will pour over into all aspects. I am focused and know I can hit the goals I set out to do.

Thanks for letting me share today! Xoxo.

What’s the last thing you did that made you feel like a rockstar? 


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