When you’re just getting back into working out with some real level of intensity, it can be hard to progress because of your beliefs. In other words, your perception of your strength and ability is much less that it actually is. How can you overcome that belief gap because that is where real fat loss results are?

Method 1: Don’t Be Afraid To Look Stupid

Go For It

The fear of looking stupid can hold anybody back from trying something and pushing boundaries. I say stupid, but what this really is, is a fear of failure.

It takes some new confidence, but if you can not give a crap what you’ll look like if you fail, nothing will hold you back from hitting new levels of strength. Plus this strategy works really well in your business and personal life too.

How do you boost your confidence to not care?

Like getting over any fear, you just have to do it. It’s tough but the minute you take the leap, you’ll notice nobody cares… in fact more people will celebrate your attempt rather than mock it.

That’s why Nike has one of the best motto’s… Just Do It!

Method 2: Progress Slow And Easy But Consistently

This method is not the most fun at least when you first start. What you can do is get completely lost in the process of progression and always going higher and higher.

Here’s what I mean… when you start to learn these different exercises, perfect your form. When I say perfect, I really mean it… work until your form is impeccable across all different exercises.

Then just slowly increase reps and going to failure while keeping perfect form. Keeping form will help you feel a lot more comfortable while pushing yourself. On top of that, as long as you always try one more, you’ll bridge this gap.

This method seems really slow, but if you get in the process and just forget about what you’re trying to accomplish, you’ll look back and find you’ve covered a lot more ground than you thought… and a lot faster.

Method 3: Start A Challenge

Better Together

Get into a competitive environment somehow. This can be through a structured challenge or one you start yourself with a friend.

Many women respond really well to a challenge where losing can be a huge motivation… not to lose! This works really well when you have one or both of two things happening:

  1. Your doing the challenge with a really good friend.
  2. You have a great prize for the winner.

I use this method a lot with my personal boot camp clients and it works wonders. It’s funny because bridging the fitness gap is really easy for most of them… it’s bridging the nutrition gap that can be the hardest part.

Challenges are a great motivation that can help you bridge all the different gaps which may be holding you back.

Method 4: Get Trained By A Trustworthy Source

There is nothing like having a mentor or trainer that you trust completely. When you know beyond a doubt that what you’re doing is the right thing to do, you typically don’t question it… you just do it with all you got.

It’s a great feeling but it can be tough to find that. It usually takes some time to develop.

So How Are You Going Bridge Your Results Gap?

You may have to use many if not all of these methods to bridge some gaps. The thing about these results gaps is they never end. No matter how strong or able you become, you can always get stronger, faster, and better.

With that in mind, it should relieve you because if your goal is to lose 30 pounds… it will come in time. The time is unknown, but follow these methods and it should be a lot faster than you think.