How Do You Have An Epic Finish To Your Workout? Plus Friendly Friday

Another week is behind us, and I hope you had a fulfilling one. A week where you can look back and say, that wasn’t so bad!

Isn’t it funny that we complain that time flies far too fast, yet we celebrate fast weeks and complain about those weeks that just seem to go by at a snail’s pace?

Just something I found myself thinking about…

Something else I’ve been thinking about lately?

How to dig deep and just do it… how to push with everything you have when you’re tired and when muscles are screaming?

How Do You Finish Strong

I was telling my boot campers about my race this past weekend and ended the story with my epic finish and one of them asked the question:

“How do you do it? How do you dig deep and finish with more intensity when you’re so tired? How do you find the motivation to push just a little bit harder to finish strong?” 

She then told me that no matter how hard she tries, at the end of a timed interval or at the end of a run, she doesn’t know how to give it more “umph”, though deep down she knows there is more.

For me personally, it’s almost as if I push all of my thoughts out of my head, I take a deep breath, and I literally say “screw it, here I go”  then I just let me body do the work. In that moment I don’t think about what motivates me, I don’t think about the mechanics, I just do.

I find that trying to think of something motivating when the end is so near is too costly, too time consuming. Instead, this is the time to put your head down, and trust that your body knows that it’s doing. Yes, it’s going to hurt, but that hurt will be short lived and in its place a feeling of pride and achievement.

There really is nothing like having a strong finish.

I read somewhere that when it comes to eating people remember the details most about their appetizer and dessert. The entree or the “middle” meal gets pushed out of memory. And I feel the same is true with fitness.


When I am running, if I start strong and finish stronger, then who cares about the middle? The feelings at the end will be a reflection of how I crossed that finish line.

But this is just me… I would LOVE your thoughts.

How do you find that extra bit of fuel to go ALL OUT when you need to?

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And if you’ve read something worth sharing, please leave it in the comments!

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