How Do You Know If You’re Working Out Too Much?

Of course exercise is great and required to be our healthiest. But there is too much of a good thing. Too much exercise can have you taking steps back when it comes to your efforts to get healthier and seeing results with your body and actually has a name: overtraining. I’ve been there and done that and let me tell you I definitely don’t recommend it.

When I overtrained (back in college) I ended up with shin splints in my left leg, a stress fracture in the right, a broken right wrist, and depression… sound like fun? Learn from my mistakes and don’t do it!

Just watch this to see if you might be working out too much!

How often do you workout?

Right now I am hitting up the gym 3-4 days a week and I add some cardio workouts in there too. But I make sure to take at least 1 complete day off, which is normally Saturday. Though, the day is still spent staying active with cleaning my entire house, errands and trying to get to the beach or something with Dan.


  • Michelle

    Hi Taylor!
    I love the pretty scenery. What flowers are those?

    I do squats, push-ups, step-ups, mountain climbers, planks and bent-over rows for 15 mins, 6 days a week. I can’t do any cardio after that because of the intensity I put into the exercises – 10 reps each x 3 sets without any rest in between.
    If I don’t feel light-headed, then I do some cardio which is jump rope or jumping jacks for 5 mins.

    Taylor, am I over-straining my muscles?
    I haven’t seen any weight loss yet as I started the above workout on 5 August.

    Would love your advice for weight loss and a toned body.

    Thanks and God bless!

    ps. I work out at home, not in the gym.

    • awesome Michelle. That is a great workout but it’s def time to change it up. 6 days a week of the same workout is def too much. I would to a good circuit like this 3 days a week or so and do longer cardio sessions with intervals sprints (20-25 min) 2 or three days a week too. Doing the same workout means your body adjust quickly plus that is a lot of strain on your muscles since they need recovery time after such a workout. Never work the same muscles back to back days… hope this helps!

  • Michelle

    Thanks, Taylor for your advice!
    I will follow your suggestion today and get back to you on my progress.

  • Kylie

    Hi Taylor, I currently work out at the gym 4 – 5 times per week (1 hour intervals) and include weight training and cardio (usually 20 mins of alternating speeds on a treadmill or elliptical trainer). I also go for 2 x 7km walks per week whilst at work and walk my dog 4 times per week – usually 45 minutes per walk. Is this too much as I seem to get tired a lot. I have started Ashy Bines new eating clean diet and find its helping with craving of sugar but I sometimes still get them late at night.

    • If you’re feeling more tired than normal then that is a sign you might be overdoing it a bit, especially if you’ve just started a new diet program. I would scale the workouts (which seem awesome but intense) to 3-4 days a week and make sure to take at least 1 complete rest day. (though walking the dog on the rest day is fine, I am sure he would be really mad at you).

      listen to your body, if you have a feeling that you’re working too much then you probably are. Good luck!

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