How I Deal With Bangs When Working Out

I received a great gift from my friend Stacy. If you’ve seen any of my recent videos or pictures then you’ve noticed that I have changed up my hair and got bangs. I love them, but they drive me CRAZY when I workout.

It is so annoying to try running and having my hair flip into my face with each stride. It sounds trivial, I know, but it is a pain in my tush.

So any-who… Stacy owns a great company called We Cover Your Head, and she recently made a line of headbanks (Punkeelove Headbands) geared towards looking cute and being functional for active women.

I love headbands but I have a strange shaped head and more times than not they literally end up “popping” off my head and flying off. It’s funny to watch but a hassle to deal with (pain in my tush #2)… but Stacy’s headbands are able to be custom sized. They have these great crystal buttons on them so you can adjust them to fit your head.

Plus they are lined with felt of velvet so it stays on that much better.  My headbands are now a part of my workout attire just like my sports bra. I am like the female Andre Agassi of the gym. Sporting a great look that deserves to be passed on!

I will take a picture this week. The weather has been either terrible or I have been sick, but now the we’re having 80 degree temperatures and the sun is shining again, I will show off a headband or two!


If you “JOIN” the We Cover Your Head Fan Page on Facebook Stacy is going to choose one person to receive a free headband! It’s definitely worth it! Here is their facebook page:


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