Dear Journal…


Another thing to add to my already busing exercise schedule?

Only when you’re ready. I’m telling you, as you get more fit… you’ll feel better and better and at that point doing something daily will really be an attractive idea to you. In fact, it might be something you absolutely need to do. Again… only when you’re ready.

That’s why I really started to devote 2 days a week to my yoga practice.

Personally, I have two goals for doing yoga:

Goal 1 – I want to increase my flexibility, range of motion, and balance so I can move better. Flexibility is one of the foundational skills that will help change your body. It’s important.

Goal 2 – I want to get a 200 hour yoga certification to teach it in our studio and to bring it to Fit Women’s Weekly. I really believe it’s that important and it should be mixed in with our high intensity bodyweight programs.

I’ve been doing yoga twice a week for about 5 weeks now (at the writing of this article). I have noticed a few things.

1. My flexibility and range of motion have improved a lot. This has helped my muscle tightness go done and I can move better in my workouts as well. I still stretch on my own though.

2. I’ve created a time where I can think, improve my breathing, and stretch my personal belief in new ways.

3. My regular workouts and kettlebell workouts have improved a lot too.

Here’s How I Fit Yoga Into My Weekly Schedule

The first thing I accepted right off the bat what this fact:

If I’m going to add yoga into my schedule, I will have to take time away from something else.

Time is limited and it’s up to us to manage it. While that sounds a little harsh as if I’m losing something…

I actually find that making the right commitments in my life helps me get more done during the day. I tend to manage my time better because I have important commitments and I get more done.

After I accepted this fact about making the time to add my yoga practice in my schedule…

I Had To Discover What Type of Yoga Fit Me

Let’s just say I am not very flexible and definitely a beginner. However, I believe that the only way to really improve quickly is to challenge yourself. Discover your limits and push them further.

In other words the more and faster you fail, the faster you’ll learn and the faster you’ll achieve success. I believe that’s a fact.

My first class was a yin class. Yin is a style of yoga where you hold poses for a decent length of time. This really let’s your body feel the pose and stretch and settle into it. Plus you focus on a steady breath while holding these poses.

I enjoyed yin, but I’ve yet to go back to it. It’s just not offered enough during the week. (You have to think about not only your schedule, but the schedule of the yoga house.)

The one type of yoga I love is called water (no it’s not done in any water). It’s a flow yoga style where you go from one pose to another pretty quickly based on your breath. You do have many holds, but you also connect yoga segments with a transition sequence.

It’s very challenging for me and that’s why I love it. I end up leaving a sweaty dripping mess.

I tried a few other styles of yoga… I really enjoyed them all… but I’ve decided to make my personal commitment to water and yin when I can make it.

Through improvement, I’ll begin to try other classes when possible.

How I Created My Yoga Schedule

Obviously, I had to look at what classes were offered when. That was the number one determinant when it came to creating my yoga schedule.

Plus I had to look at my weekly schedule and my set in stone commitments.

Through doing this, I discovered my best days for yoga are Tuesday… Friday… and Saturday.

I simply made the commitment to myself to always attend on Tuesday and Friday. If I have to miss for any reason, I will do a Saturday class.

By making that hard commitment, I can now plan the rest of my week and my work around those times. Keep in mind this is on top of my regular workout schedule of Tuesday… Thursday… and Sunday. I might change this around, but getting these three workouts in is priority number one.

If Taylor and I have kids in the coming years… things will get interesting for sure. But, where there’s a will… there’s a way.

I use a cool program for the Mac called 2Do to help me schedule all of this. It works really well.

Why I Decided To Do A Yoga Class And Not A DVD

I used to try Rondey Yee DVDs and enjoyed them greatly. However, I needed to get in a class environment with the expert to really learn faster if I plan on getting certified.

If I had something like Fit Women’s Weekly for yoga where I could send in pictures of myself learning, and get real feedback from a yoga instructor, I would do that for sure… however, I also want to get certified so building relationships is something that’s very important to me as well.

What About The Money Commitment?

Yoga is $80 a month for unlimited classes. That’s really not that bad.

My first 5 weeks were the result of a Groupon buy. It’s only $36 or something close to that for 10 classes. You can’t pass that up. Just over $3 a class… talk about a bargain.

Now that my Groupon is finished, I’m going to join and support the yoga house by doing the $80 a month. I already spend a lot of money on Fit Women’s Weekly and growing that so I just have to shave money off of somewhere else.

I choose alcohol (something that’s really not needed). Taylor and I are going to cut back on our wine during the weekends by one bottle. This is just a new habit that I’ll have to form and while it may be tough in the beginning… it won’t take too long before it’s just part of my everyday normal life.

Spending $80 a month is worth it to me. It’s in investment in my body and our business to ultimately help you as much as possible.

My New Yoga Journal…

I am going to write in my Lifting Revolution Yoga Journal once a week. I’ll take pictures of poses I’m working on… lessons I’m learning… and how yoga is integrating with my more intense bodyweight and kettlebell workouts.

I hope you enjoy this and learn from it as well.