On The Path To Immortality: How To Add 1/2 Decade To Your Life

Yay, it’s Friday! To celebrate, I am going to stop by my favorite coffee shop on the way to my boot camp and big up a latte.

Maybe I’ll even go crazy and get their fruit salad. Seriously, if you’re ever in Charleston stop by Single Smiles Cafe… their fruit is the best I have EVER had. So fresh and crisp. I know it sounds silly that is my “Friday treat” but it’s seriously, that good. And I am pretty sure their coffee is like liquid gold. You know I love latte’s but I am pretty picky about them, Dan has scolded me more than once for tossing an entire latte because “it didn’t taste right”. This one always does…

Speaking of other good things…

I was reading my Google News yesterday and came across a headline from The LA Times entitled:

“Study Finds Exercise Adds To Life Expectancy, Even For Obese”

To be honest, at first I just kind of rolled my eyes because let’s face it… what new news is this? We all are aware that exercise is good for us and our overall life. But for whatever reason, I decided to click and give it a quick read.

To my surprise I actually was glad I made that hesitant decision.

The article explains a new study that was published in journal PLoS Medicine (don’t ask what that stands for). It followed 431,479 participants over the age of 40 and found that even people who where in a healthy weight and BMI range but were sedentary were almost twice as likely to die during the course of the study than those that were active… even if those active individuals were obese.

Just because you look fit, doesn’t mean it’s okay to sit on the couch all day. Move More Live Move! {Source}

How Much Most Time Does Exercise Really Give?

Some people have this stupid notion in their head, of “oh, it’s only going to give me an extra year…. it’s not worth it.”

I hate that!

This study found however, that just moving for around 30 minutes each day can add on about 3.5 years to your life! That’s 3.5 more years with your spouse, kids, grandkids and friends. And if you up the intensity, you could add on more than 4 years! That is the difference of seeing your grandbaby at 1 years old and 4 years old… think of all those memories that can be made! That’s almost 1/2 a decade!

What I loved most of all, is that overall weight doesn’t matter. Just moving, improving heart health and the physiological aspects of exercise is what matters. Whether you have an “obese” BMI of over 35 or a health BMI of 20… you get the same benefits.

So what excuse can anyone make on wanting to add more time on to their life?

You might not become immortal but you’ll be thankful for those extra moments.

Click here to read the whole article.

Speaking of immortal… it’s almost time for Twilight (Nov 16)! My sister-in-law is OBSESSED with Twilight, so I am thankful to have her tell me when it’s time to drag Dan to the theater (after he has had a few classes of wine of course).

This is the card I received for Halloween… of course on the inside she had written out when the release date was! Since we don’t watch TV, I had no idea. Thanks Jess!

  • Anyone else excited about the final movie? 

I know Dan is, simply because it’s the last time he’ll have to suffer through the Jacob-Edward lovefest. But he’s been a trooper for all of them.

  • Do you take your husband to chick flicks?

He doesn’t like it but at least I am nice enough to always make a great pre-dinner and offer up lots of wine.


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