We have already talked about three ways to eat healthy on a budget. These were great tips and can make a huge impact on your pocket book. It will take some time to learn how to pull them off, but so does everything else in life.

The last two ways to eat healthy on a budget are not to be what you expect, but they can make a huge difference to both your waistline and your back account.

Healthy Secret 4 – Eat Out Less

Pretty obvious right?

But hear me out. When you eat out less, not only will you be saving amazing amounts of money, but you’ll be increasing your health by a factor of at least 10x. Here’s why.

First off, eating out is incredibly expensive. Even if you eat someplace that is not very expensive, you have to wonder about…

  • The ingredients they use.
  • The serving sizes they are giving you.
  • And the nutritional content.

These are what directly relate to the pricing you pay along with the impact the food has on your body. Always remember a restaurant is a business and for the most part, the less expensive the food, the less quality ingredients.

What is not good (but what I do seen changing soon) is the fact that restaurants are not required to post their serving size or nutritional information or their ingredients used.

Granted, there are some great places to eat out where you can ask what you’re getting, but these places will be pretty pricy and they are rare.

If you eat out a lot during the week, just start by cutting back on one time a week. See what happens and then you can cut further back from there. Because I bet you’ll definitely want to.

Healthy Secret 5 – Buy Certain Foods In Bulk

Buy In Bulk

When it comes to eating healthy, there are some things you can get in bulk which make it really easy and cheap. In fact, these same strategies also make eating healthy fast.

Here are some of my favorite foods to buy in bulk and how to use them:

  • Protein powder: I use SunWarrior and one bag easily lasts a full month.
  • Almonds: A bag of bulk almonds may be expensive but it lasts a very long time.
  • Oatmeal: Bulk oatmeal will last you a really long time and there are so many ways to prepare it.
  • Meats: If you belong to a Costco or Sam’s Club, you can get some good meats in bulk and then freeze them.
  • Vegetables: Farmer’s market vegetables can be frozen and they last for every. Nearly all veggies can be frozen successfully.
  • Spices: These are perfect for bulk buying and they are much better to use than salt. Plus they have great healthy qualities.
  • Frozen fruits and berries: These are perfect for shakes (make sure you get frozen with no sugar added).

There is a whole lot of little things you can get in bulk and save money. These are the small things that can make a difference to your grocery bill too.

Here’s The Secret To Buying Smart, Healthy, and Saving Money

You have to experiment and practice shopping better. It’s not like you can just go out your door and make these changes immediately. Make some mistakes… learn the different stores in your area… learn the Farmer’s Market.

In just a week or two, you’ll be saving money and you’ll know exactly what foods you (and ingredients) you want and are eating.

I hope these tips helped you.