Eating healthy can get incredibly expensive and many food producers know that. In fact, that’s their game plan… produce some “good for you” food or drink and then charge an extra 300 to 500% in price.

What you may not have known is there are two producers of healthy food out there. Just like above, you have the major producers that you can find in health food stores like Whole Foods and EarthFare. But then you have local producers in your own home town that can offer you amazing food at low prices.

Let’s talk about how to eat healthy on a budget because there are some tactics which I’m going to share that will surprise you.

Healthy Secret 1 – Use Your Local Farmers

Your local farmers can supply a great amount of your food and they can do it cheaper than almost all the grocery stores. The key for them is providing what’s in season. That’s when you’ll get amazing deals on vegetables and fruits. It will blow your mind.

But they also offer a lot more than just veggies and fruits. They can offer you meat, eggs, milk, and other things like honey. The meats, eggs, and milk are actually going to cost your more but they are a lot safer to eat and drink. The honey is incredibly less expensive.

Go to your farmers markets… go visit the farms themselves and see that they can offer you on location. It’s a great trip for the family as well.

Healthy Secret 2 – Use The Health Food Stores Correctly

Whole Foods And Saving Money

The expensive health food stores can help you safe money, but you have to know what you’re looking for. Here’s what I’m talking about…

Some healthy foods, like tempeh (fermented soy), can be bought at your huge grocery stores. But these grocery stores know that it’s a health food so they’ll charge a lot. Foods like this can actually be considerably cheaper at Whole Foods and other health food stores. The same goes for different types of grains, liquids, and more.

To figure this out, you can either experiment yourself which I recommend. There is not better way to learn your grocery stores… or you can get a copy of Calorie Revolution and learn how I grocery shop.

Healthy Secret 3 – Plan Your Meals

Learn to Plan Your Meals

Planning your meals will slash your grocery store budget in half. Statistics say 40% to 70% of items purchased at grocery stores are impulse buys. They were not intended to be purchased when the shopper entered the store.

Think about how that type of buying can explode your grocery bill?

However, when you have a plan which you build off of having a meal plan, you can save so much money it’s crazy. It also systematizes shopping so you can get in and get out quickly. When I go grocery shopping, I will visit up to 3 different grocery stores, but because I know exactly what I want and need, I’ll be in and our fast.

This is also a great way to burn fat and lose weight. By planning, you can only get the foods you really need to eat. I can always help to show you more about how to do this.

We’ll Continue How To Eat Healthy On A Budget In The Next Installment

This article is getting pretty long but I hope it’s helping you see the possibilities of eating healthy on a budget. It’s not that tough to do and surprisingly…

Eating healthy can be just as inexpensive as eating the junk type foods you may typically be getting.

You will have to learn how to do this and get in the stores and mess around… but it’s worth it. Look for the next installment and we’ll finish off with the last two which are great ways to save that money on healthy foods.