It’s a hot claim… effortlessly burn more fat while eating less food and feeling much fuller. But the products behind these claims are usually pills or drinks which give you a sense of fullness while you eat.

That is not a solution. That is a bandaid for the hunger symptom and will only continue to cause hormonal imbalance, high blood sugar levels, and even high blood pressure.

Let’s take this back to the beginning and start slowly. Slow and small changes can become big.

Understand Energy and Nutrient Dense Foods

Energy density is a number of calories in a given weight of food. Always remember that a calorie is a unite of energy. A McDonald’s hamburger is an energy dense food, but so is a serving of almonds.

Nutrient dense foods are – obviously – foods dense in nutrients and they typically come packed with other “things”. In most nutrient dense foods, you have lots of water… think all the veggies and fruits. You also have lots of fiber which is insanely important nutrient (and lots of other vitamins and minerals too).

You don’t want to eat energy dense foods which are nutrient poor. Ideally you want nutrient rich foods which are not so calorie dense. That means you can eat more of these foods and still feel full.

The Small Changes You Can Make To Your Diet

Small changes that can seem almost inconsequential but can ripple in to huge changes that alter your life.

Think of all the foods you eat which you know are energy dense and nutrient poor…

  • Rice dishes
  • Pasta dishes
  • Meat dishes and more.

Take these dishes and add some veggies into the actual dish itself. Here’s what I mean…

  • Add cut up broccoli or brussels sprouts to your rise dishes with a light sauce if you need it.
  • Add cut up veggies or beans to your pasta dishes with a healthy maranara sauce. Try to say away from white sauces if you can.
  • Add small chucks of beans and even veggies like peppers or brussels to your hamburger meat.

What this will do is add in some energy dense and nutrient rich foods into you normal foods. That will in theory fill you up faster so you won’t eat as much.

More than that, these all contain ingredients that help with digestion and energy absorption.

Why Nutrient Poor Foods Cause Massive Issues

Nutrient poor foods are processed foods or fake foods. These foods have been stripped of their nutrients or have been processed in some lab somewhere. They exist because they are cheap to make and that means more profit for the company that makes the food.

Eating nutrient poor food means rapid absorption into your blood stream. This means a spike in blood sugar and the storage of body fat. It also means you feel hungry again faster.

Nutrient rich foods typically have lots of water in them. Water fills you up… that’s why drinking water before a meal can help you eat less.

Nutrient rich foods typically are high in fiber. Usually it’s a soluble fiber which turns into a gel in your intestines. But this helps to slow the absorption of food and eases blood sugar spikes and increases the feeling of fullness.

Keep The Small Changes Coming

Finally, keep these small changes coming. The ones mentioned above, you won’t really even notice. So keep making small changes and over time you can begin to learn more about food and completely ditch the high energy, nutrient poor foods.

That’s the ultimate goal… learn more about food and appreciate what real food is and how it tastes.

Also notice that these are small changes that really don’t require much. They can however create a big impact on your waistline and health. That is the first major step because once you feel the affects, you’ll want more and more.

When you can do that, eating is always fun and burning fat is simple and easy.